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Article by Maria Dinoia

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Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

For many people, the constant seasonal change in fashion is overwhelming. But not for Sonika Surati. Born in England, she has always loved and embraced fashion as a form of artistic expression. "Fashion has always been a passion of mine."

So it was inevitable that the 33-year-old would start a blog about it. The former medical lab tech started her blog in 2015, but really became consistent with it in 2016 after her first child was born. "I started out sharing organizing tips. I never looked at blogging as a career. I didn't go in to it with that expectation. I went in to it as a hobby, completely for fun and it turned into something bigger."

That something bigger is an Instagram with almost 43K followers. Sonika states, "It primarily focuses on fashion and beauty but there's lifestyle and home and kids. I mix in a little bit of everything. It keeps the audience engaged when you bring something different to the table. I get tons of questions about my skin care routine. And I love sharing sales! I love doing gift guides during the holidays."

The mom of three adds, "When I first started, I hesitated about being in front of a camera constantly. I'm over that now. My husband bought me a Canon camera for Christmas a few years ago and helped me overcome it. My only regret was not starting sooner."

But how does she deal with the negativity that's a natural part of the influencer lifestyle? "I don't. It's not a thought in my mind. If that's what I held on to, I wouldn't be where I am. The way I look at it, there's always an unfollow button." 

Success doesn't happen overnight, but her advice for budding influencers and bloggers? "Don't hold back. If there's something you want to do, go for it. Instagram and social media in general is where it's at. You can make a career out of it." Sonika has worked with brands like Spanx, Mackenzie Childs, and Dolce Vita, to name a few. "My biggest goal would be to have my own fashion brand. And I'd love to open a boutique."

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