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Healthy Tools on the Road to Fitness

Essential Workout Items for Home and the Road

Hendersonville personal trainer and F45 exercise coach Colby Cowan has helped a lot of people improve their lives. Although he usually trains his students in state-of-the-art gyms, Colby is a minimalist when it comes to fitness gear.

“You should be able to exercise anytime, anyplace,” Colby says. “Lack of equipment should not be an impediment to a successful workout.”

Colby has several specific recommendations for essential items that are appropriate for both home and travel workouts.

1. Nike Metcon 4 training shoe, $99.98

Training shoes provide support for all types of workouts, including high-intensity boot camps and weight training.

Available at

2. Under Armour ClutchFit Resistor gloves, $34.99

Workout gloves are important for exercises involving weights and resistance gear.

Available at

3. MyFitnessPal workout app by Under Armour, free; premium version $49.99 per year

Mobile fitness apps make activity and nutrition tracking simple.

Available at  iTunes App store, Google Play store and

4. Black Mountain Products resistance band workout kit, $21.65

Low-cost resistance bands are useful in all kinds of workouts, including strength and resistance training and high-intensity calorie-burning activities.

Available at

5. Fitness Gear stability ball, $17.99

Stability balls help work out both core and secondary muscle groups, while also improving stability and balance.

Available at

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