How Lighting Affects Humans

Making A Case For Human Centric Lighting

The idea of human-centric lighting revolves around how light affects humans. Over the past few years, tons of research has come out on the positive effect human-centric lighting can have on our mood and productivity.

Old Cove specializes in high-end motorized shades, automated lighting systems, fixtures and controls. Their design approach blends seamlessly with their client’s interior design. Using the finest metals, fabrics + technology, they have options ranging from traditional to contemporary. Their resume includes working with the most influential architects, developers, lighting designers, interior designers, and general contractors. 

Andrew Russotti is the Chief Executive Officer of Old Cove Integrators L.L.C. With a strong foundation in business ethics and entrepreneurship, Andrew and his team have built a roster of clients that includes leaders in finance, medicine, entertainment, business and real estate. 

Kevin Marra joined the Old Cove team in 2010. Marra’s construction knowledge and his business savvy got OCI off the ground and running successfully. 

We sat down with Old Cove to learn more about human centric lighting and why it’s so important.

HumanCentric Lighting- What is that?

Human centric lighting helps replicate the body’s natural response to light throughout the day. Our lighting design follows the suns natural progression. Before electricity, there was sun and fire so our lighting system mimics what our bodies were programmed to use as light.

Lighting can have a huge impact on our moods and our system helps enhance and support those moods and feelings. Our lights are programmed to make you feel energized in the morning and calm you down at night.

Human centric light involves Lutron lighting and custom shades that are designed to help you live an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. Overall you’ll notice a better quality of life. The lighting and shade system work together to save money on heating, cooling, and lighting! The lighting and shades are programmed to automatically adjust to what is going on outside. For example, the shades automatically go down to block sunlight which will help you save money on air conditioning.

What is the process of determining the right type of lighting for a space?

We take a look at multiple factors when determining what a client needs. What is their lifestyle like? How can we fit our system in seamlessly with their decor? We take the time to coordinate with the the architect, contractor, and designer to help the client’s vision come to life. It’s a big component of a new house.

How did you get involved in this industry?

We were first introduced to lighting control in 2012 and then quickly learned about the Lutron system. The Lutron system was built to work in a time when most things are meant to break so we immediately knew it was a good product. Our business helps clients simplify LED lighting using the Lutron system and custom shades to improve their quality of life. 

Have you seen the impact of lighting have a positive or negative effect on your work?

Yes. We often bring our clients to the Lutron showroom in NYC where a 2 minute demo takes them through the difference between 0.1% to 100% light output. This mimics the light curve throughout a 24hr day.  At 0.1% you feel tired and ready to wind down from the day. As they start raising the lights, you start feeling more energized.

How can our readers experience this for themselves?

Send us an email at or call 212-628-5300.  We are happy to schedule an appointment at the Lutron Showroom so you can see and experience this for yourself.  You will also have the opportunity to walk away with fabric samples for your next shade project!

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