Super Women

The team at Luxe Aesthetic Center share appreciation for their clients and each other.

It might be easy to take for granted that the female-centered beauty industry was always ‘by women, for women,’ with women driving curated products and services aimed toward the preferences of women. But the field of aesthetics, including the science of chemical peels and dermal treatments, was initially dominated by male scientists who formulated beauty products that were marketed to women to appear more attractive to their husbands. Imagine that: men used to determine what beauty should look like in women! Now that more women are at the helm (with numbers still climbing!), aesthetics is a carefully cultivated industry that deserves the recognition of its female leaders.

The women-powered team at Luxe Aesthetic Center, a beacon for Yorba Linda women’s beauty enhancement since 2006, wishes to publicly show appreciation for their clients, families, and each other this month.

“It's empowering to be surrounded by a team of strong, inspirational, and professional women. Our CEO [Dr. Haney] is a leader in the community [as a City Councilwoman], and the majority of our team are working mothers. It is inspiring and motivating to cheer each other on when we are all working towards the same professional goal, and working to find the balance between work and home life, especially during these challenging times.” - Nikki Avila, Office Manager 

“You have heard the popular quote: ‘Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.’ I believe that Luxe Aesthetic Center is the cultivation and embodiment of this quote. Luxe is owned by one of the strongest, coolest women I know, [Dr. Beth Haney]. I work with a whole tribe of outstanding, smart, and capable women. Through my work at Luxe, I have been able to provide aesthetic services and get to know countless other extraordinary and inspirational women.” -Dr. Shelly Zappas, DNP, FNP-BC

“My mother has been my foremost inspiration throughout my life. She taught me the reasons to serve others and inspired me to make a difference through action. It was through her selflessness that I learned that helping others could be a source of fulfillment and happiness as she worked to solve issues that were important to her community. Others who have inspired me are my friends and Nurse Practitioner colleagues, Jill Olmstead, Camille Fitzpatrick, and Susanne Phillips, among many others. Many years ago, these women saw potential in me as a leader and encouraged me to run for the Board of Directors of the California Association for Nurse Practitioners and to become active in the organization through policy development. I will be forever grateful for all of the inspiring women at Luxe and in my life (there are too many to mention by name), and I surround myself with superstars so I can strive to be in the same galaxy as they fly!” – Dr. Beth Haney, DNP

“I am inspired by many women in my life, from my grandmothers to my own mother, my daughter, and all my wonderful patients. Each of them has influenced my path in life. I am always surrounded by inspiration, support, hope and guidance. This past year has exemplified the strength, resiliency, and compassion of so many women. Together we endure, together we are better.” -Denise Albano, Licensed Aesthetician

“Every day I am inspired by watching my mother who is a teacher. She has been teaching her Special Education students online throughout the pandemic, and seeing her persevere through this challenging time leaves me in awe of her talent! This year has been challenging for everyone and it is empowering to know I am surrounded by so many strong women.” -Kate Hocking, Receptionist

Luxe Aesthetic Center is located at 18619 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA 92886. By appointment only. View their services or book an appointment online at or call 714-970-9100.

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