A Career Crafted in Interior Design

How a mother-daughter cake decorating enterprise led to decorating beautiful and stylish homes.

For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed the home design process. As a young teen I sketched out floor plan spaces, then as a young adult, I designed two custom homes for my family. Now I own a personal interior design company, Michelle Jett--Decorating Den Interiors, that makes it incredibly easy for clients to decorate a room, an office, or an entire house from the comfort of their own home.

My passion for design was inspired by my mother, who still positively radiates energy while she is crafting. I feel fortunate that both my mother and my father provided ample space for me to play and create at a young age which helped me cultivate my talent for art and design. Watching my mother lovingly create handmade treasures and get excited about the finished product, I began to fall in love with the design process and the energized feeling from being fully immersed in a creative activity. 

When I was young, my mother taught me how to macramé, sew, needlepoint, crochet, and cake decorating. I still remember entering my macramé into the Washington State Fair and bringing home a top-placed ribbon that I proudly displayed in my bedroom! 

Doing these activities with my mother, I began to learn foundational design skills that help me in my work today, such as attention to detail, time and resource management, and skilled utilization of available resources, which my clients appreciate before we decide to purchase new materials for a project. I have a keen eye for detail while staying on budget with a focus on the overall design concept. 

I applied these skills early on in a college job making wedding cakes with my mom on the weekends to improve my craft and increase cash flow for tuition savings. Together we learned even more about the trade while delivering on client expectations. Fast forward many years, and I now work as a full-time interior designer in beautiful Southern California!

When we work together to turn living spaces into environments that support our personalities, ideas, and passions, we nurture our desire to thrive. Being part of this creative process that sparks joy in clients continues to inspire me. A home or office tour is the beginning of a journey toward an outstanding room or home designed just for you. I take measurements of the space and a photographic inventory. Your style and which items to keep that will match your style is a mutual decision to arrive at the final design concept you have always wanted.

To set up a home tour and consultation, call me at 951-444-5533, or email me at

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