Strategies for Branding Your Social Media

Capture the attention of your followers with a consistent style and image that gets results.

Article by Katie Toscano | Kristen Fewel

Photography by Katie Toscano

Originally published in Yorba Linda Lifestyle

        Aside from delivering an exceptional product and customer service experience, every successful small business needs an image consistent with the values and personality of its owner. It may be easy to see how branding attracts and retains clients for large companies, but a sole proprietor also needs to catch and retain the attention of their social media followers. Styling your brand for social media is important because that is often where the public now goes to search for information and influence to make purchasing decisions. As an individual, styling your social media is also essential, as it is a representation of your personal brand as well.
           If you happen to catch the eye of that fast-scrolling social media follower with a dazzling photo or clever catchphrase, you will have just three seconds to make that lasting impression. Also, it takes an average of seven exposures to the same brand image for potential customers to remember who you are and what product or service you sell.
           Branding is the “secret sauce” that captures peoples’ attention long enough to convert a cold lead into a loyal paying customer. A visual brand includes typography and fonts, colors, image filters, and unique graphic elements that will make your company more memorable than competitors. For small businesses these days, the people behind the business are a part of the brand too. Individuals who are job searching can also benefit from branding because resume reviewers with hiring companies are looking for a strong, consistent, and polished image of their best job candidates.
           If you are not a techie person, there’s a specialist for that! Delegate to a social media specialist who will handle all your social media engagement while you watch with a smile as all the new orders come flowing in. Here are a few tips to help you get started from Social Media Strategist Katie Toscano.

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