What Pinterest Rooms Really Cost

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Interior design lovers love design. They read about it, they watch it on TV, they putter in it, they hire designers. It’s both passion and sport. Their insatiable interest for content is satisfied by a few sources. But experts regularly point to Pinterest as the single largest driver for research, inspiration and vicarious thrills for design consumers. If you’ve ever wondered how “the other half” lives in design, just as some do regarding the fashion world, (that Chanel outfit costs what now?!?), as a luxury interior designer, let me lift the curtain to answer:  What Do Those Pinterest Rooms Actually Cost?

The short answer to what Pinterest rooms really cost is "more than you think they should or wish they did." The COVID-driven answer is:  About 20% more than before Covid. Here’s why purchasing costs are what they are:

  1. Furniture is large and complicated to produce, requiring multiple materials plus human hands and skill.
  2. Furniture is big and bulky to transport. Consumers pay for weight and cubic feet.
  3. Furniture often needs some repair “touch up” before it reaches you, due to its weight/size.
  4. Furniture is heavy to deliver and install. It requires brawn and multiple hands to accomplish.
  5. All aforementioned factors add layer upon layer to purchasing costs:  Big stuff, complicated manufacturing, multiple materials, shipping and handling, lots of human hands and skillsets needed throughout the process.

Purchasing costs in today’s dollars, NOT including design services.

The average, small Pinterest living room, containing two single windows, has a starting cost today of $37,000-plus. 

The average, large Pinterest primary bedroom, with sitting room, has a starting cost of $68,000-plus; more windows adds dollars. 

The average, midsized Pinterest dining room, containing two single windows, seating eight, has starting cost of $54,000-plus; add dollars for wallpaper.

Donna founded TheInteriorDesignAdvocate.com, which provides on-line courses that empower DIY design overs and design professionals internationally. Her company specializes in high-end, luxury interior design, from single room design to whole homes of 20,000 square feet-plus.

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