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Local Authors Debut New Releases

As another year begins anew, you may be looking for new reading material. Whether you are looking for thrilling page-turner, a guide for women looking to take on more of a leadership role in life, or something else, there are plenty of options—including these three books written by talented local writers. 

Scottsdale resident, New York Times bestselling author, and feminist icon Gloria Feld released Intentioning: Sex, Power, Pandemics, and How Women Will Take the Lead for (Everyone’s) Good. In the wake of the pandemic, Feld aims to show how women can seize opportunities and build life back even stronger. Feld is hoping this book will help women embrace their personal powers and lead with purpose and joy.

In her fourth novel, Down a Dark River, Valley author Karen Odden takes readers down a trail of murder and deceit that is a must-read. Set in 1870s London, the book's main character is Scotland Yard Inspector Michael Corravan, a former thief and boxer. Corravan is seeking the identity of a serial killer who is murdering young women, and then putting them in small boats and floating them down the Thames—one each week. He must use every skill he possesses to discover who is behind vengeful acts.

Phoenix author Dave O. Dodge, debuted his first novel—which is based on a 1982 term paper he wrote. Dodge penned a paper called, The Legacy of Peyton Place, which was about the groundbreaking novel Payton Place. His debut novel is called The Seasons of Grace, and the story follows the life of Payton Place author Grace Metalious. The novel is a fictional story based on the life of Metalious and her desire to tell stories that no one would during that time.

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