A Passion for Fashion

Two Local Designers Share Their Fashion Journeys

Fashion designer John Galliano once said, “The joy of dressing is an art.” Local emerging designers Melissa Torres and Elizabeth Parker embody this statement as they pursue their fashion careers and create styles that are uniquely their own.

Melissa Torres

Melissa Torres creates one-of-a-kind, high fashion custom gowns. Some of her career highlights include designing a gown for an Oscars attendee in February 2020 and creating a gown for a guest at the Tony Awards this past June.

This past summer she was in Italy studying fashion design, and also filmed a documentary about her journey as a designer.

“I am all about visualizing and really believing that anything is possible. I like to use the same approach with my clients,” Torres shares. “I know they are coming to me to create a design for their special moment, and I want to bring their vision to life. I see our interactions as a partnership, and I want my clients to feel like they are the star of the night when they wear my designs.”


Elizabeth Parker

“I believe fashion makes life more beautiful,” says designer and artist Elizabeth Parker of Rich Casual.

Parker creates apparel and accessories alongside art pieces. She shares that she works with a variety of materials to make bright and bold styles.

Parker’s favorite accomplishments include being involved in fundraising fashion shows to raise money for good causes and, at the height of the pandemic, she created a line just to support medical professionals (which then turned into a documentary).

Looking toward the future, she hopes to have a solo fashion show.

“I want to convey the message that we should find the time in our life to use clothing not only to cover us and protect us, but discover how to decorate ourselves, making us feel special and unique,” she says.

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