Bringing Home the Gold

Camelot Homes' Family, Style, and Awards

The Hancock family is truly invested in Arizona. For more than 50 years—across three generations—they have been the force behind the popular Camelot Homes, a luxury homebuilder known for building some of the most distinct homes in upscale communities across the state.

“We love Arizona and can’t think of a better place to live, play, work, and raise our families,” says Julie Hancock, Camelot Homes’ managing director.

“It’s really simple; when you love what you’re doing, and you love, respect, and appreciate the people you are creating homes with and for, it doesn’t feel like work at all and the decades just fly by,” Hancock shares when asked the secret to their company’s longevity. “Camelot has always focused on developing outstanding products, processes ,and people, and our culture and creativity allows us to maintain a welcoming family-style environment. This has attracted top talent to our team and we are truly grateful for that.”

Over the years, Camelot Homes has earned a multitude of awards. Most recently, the judges for the 2020 Gold Nugget Awards named Camelot Homes the winner of “Home of the Year,” which is the most prestigious category in the annual competition that honors architectural design and planning excellence, according to the builder. Camelot’s Plan 2YC at The Villas at Seven Desert Mountain took home the coveted Grand award, and the same home also received a second Grand award for “Best Single Family Detached Home–3,500 to 4,500 square feet.”

“Awards mean nothing if the public doesn’t appreciate and respond to what we are creating, so we are always cautious about putting too much emphasis on an award itself,” Hancock says. “Instead we focus on creating outstanding communities and homes that we will be proud to say we built 50 years from now. The awards are simply an acknowledgement from our industry peers that we have done it well. I also think awards tell the public that we’ve created something exciting and memorable.”

Still, while they don’t focus solely on awards, in addition to its two Grand Awards, Camelot Homes was recognized with several Gold Nugget Awards of Merit as well. “Gold Nugget Award winners reflect our industry’s best, brightest and most innovative architects, planners and builder/developers,” explains judging chairman and Gold Nugget Ceremonies Administrator Lisa Parrish.

Hancock says that Camelot Homes is an active members of the communities they help build.

“Community involvement has been a hallmark for Camelot Homes,” she says. She shares that their family is passionate about giving back to the community, and are involved with Boys Hope Girls Hope and Scottsdale 20/30.

“Camelot also supports many other local charities focusing on families, education, and homelessness via the Camelot Charitable Foundation, which is funded through a portion of Camelot’s annual profits,” she says.  

With more awards under their collective belts, Camelot Homes (CamelotHomes.com) and the Hancock family look toward the future.

“We are very excited about our award winning Villas at Seven Desert Mountain community and two brand new communities we are about to open in North Scottsdale [Bronco and Sky View],” Hancock shares.

“The thing we often hear from our fans is that it’s the details that set Camelot Homes apart,” she continues. “There’s a feeling we try to convey in our models that tells people our homes are extraordinary yet attainable, unique yet functional, modern yet timeless. We love to surprise and delight everyone who walks through our doors.”

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