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Art fans of all ages can enjoy the lovely spring weather and numerous pieces of public art as they stroll around the City of Chandler, burning calories, and not fuel, during this Earth month.

As Peter Bugg, visual arts coordinator for the City of Chandler notes, the City has about 200 pieces in its collection.

While many of these are wall pieces on display in offices and conference rooms throughout Chandler, Bugg says there are dozens in public locations.

For instance, the following seven pieces can be enjoyed during leisurely walks around town.

Monuments to Us: This mural is located in the Downtown Breezeway and was created by artists Cam DeCaussin and Joey Salamon. The north side of the mural features images of Chandler’s roots; moving south, the images highlight iconic contemporary buildings.

Turbulent Shade: This shade structure is on the outside of the City Hall Building. The stainless-steel shade structure by Ned Kahn Studios was completed in 2010. It is made up of individual, perforated panels that pivot, creating a wind-animated effect. The piece was completed in collaboration with architecture firm Smith Group.

Infinite Wave: Artist Jeff Zischke created this eye-catching shade structure made of metal; it can be found on the outside of Chandler Museum.

Sun Slides: coLAB studio created this piece, which is made from metal and is located on the outside of the Oregon St. parking garage.

Cubizm: These colorful metal benches featuring different patterns were made by artist Jeff Zischke, and are also on the outside of the Oregon St. parking garage.

Journey to Downtown Chandler: This mural on the west side of SanTan Brewery was created by Such & Champ Styles. It features colorful images of cacti and some of the plants used in the brewing of beer, along with the brewery and San Marcos hotel in the background, set against a blue sky with palm trees.

Hum of the Desert: Artist Ariana Enriquez created this colorful mural on Commonwealth St., just north of SanTan Brewery. Enriquez was inspired by the idea of water as a vital part of the desert. The mural features flowing water, flowering cacti, hummingbirds, bees, and the king protea flower.

In your travels, you might notice that there is also colorful and often whimsical art alongside and on top of some of the utility boxes throughout Chandler.

Bugg explains that the City arranged for artwork to be added to 10 utility boxes in 2019, and another five in 2020.

“We teamed up with economic development in 2019 to help Uptown Chandler create more of a sense of place. After we did the 10 along Arizona Avenue and Alma School Road, we had such great feedback we wanted to do it again,” Bugg says, adding that the Arts Commission decided to work with ICAN for the next round.

“We picked five artists who teamed up with students from ICAN to create designs that were then printed and installed along Chandler Boulevard.”

The designs are all printed on vinyl and then adhered to the sides and tops of the utility boxes.

The images include a cartoonish and humorous interpretation of the wires and other internal workings of a utility box; birds, insects and botanical elements; pieces of juicy fig; and a gila monster and iguana on the back of a friendly tortoise.

People can find the 15 “artistic” utility boxes on Chandler Boulevard between Hamilton and Hartford streets, on Arizona Avenue between Ray Road and the canal, and on Alma School Road between Ray Road and Summit.

“All of the artists have some local ties, although some of them have moved away since the project began. Most still live in the Valley, and a few right in Chandler,” Bugg says.

For more information and locations of many of the public art in Chandler, visit GIS.ChandlerAZ.Gov/PublicArtTour.

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