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Setting Your Holiday Table

How to Approach Your Tablescape

Article by Dena Thomas

Photography by Lifestyle Media & Branding

Originally published in Chandler Lifestyle

A true tablescape is more than just your centerpiece. It involves the overall look of the entire table, from the décor to the linens and place settings. While the highlights of most parties and celebrations are the food and drink, you can convey a specific theme or mood with a well-planned tablescape that will make your party an experience to remember. Here we chose a modern glam theme for our clients, incorporating the blues, blush and silver tones.

A tablescape that is all at one level can look flat to the eye and not allow certain dishes or décor pieces to pop. One way to combat this is by adding height to the table. This doesn’t mean raising the eye level of the table—it simply means adding elements that are of varying heights. 

For this tablescape, we incorporated, various sizes and colors of beautiful Christmas trees with our blush floral centerpiece in a mercury glass vase for that extra bling. We kept the glassware simple and clear.

Consider adding an inviting element to every person’s seat. Not only will this tie the entire tablescape together, but it will let your guest know that you went the extra mile to show that you’re excited for them to be there. In this seating, we added a special treat of these mini macarons.

Instead of the traditional linen placements, set chargers under the plates. This creates an additional layer of depth and interest on your tablescape. Chargers also help round the table creating a more intimate dining experience. 

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