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New Car-Centric Businesses are Ideal for 'Car Guys'

Rev your engines! Two new car destinations have opened in the Valley.

OTTO Car Club

For those who collect cars, a unique new members-only social club that features private collection management and storage, as well as a dedicated concierge service, may be just the ticket to automotive happiness. Called OTTO Car Club, it features private club space, climate-controlled storage, and a staff that's knowledgeable to the needs of private car collectors.

The 47,000-square-foot facility, which is located in Scottsdale, can accommodate up to 185 vehicles in the main storage area, with 20 more private storage spaces that give people 24/7 access for two to four cars each.

Even the name of the new facility relates to cars. OTTO is in honor of Nikolaus August Otto, a German engineer and inventor of the compressed-charge combustion engine.

In addition to state-of-the-art storage, OTTO offers members a number of activities and experiences, including speakers, private rallies, track days, product introductions and other events that are planned with the car collector community in mind. OTTO’s staff can also handle vehicle detailing requests, transport and collection management, and a web portal and app let members control their collections from the convenience of their smartphones.

Two tiers of membership are currently available. For more information, visit OttoCarClub.com.

APEX Motor Club

What is being billed as the Valley’s first private automotive country club, APEX Motor Club is now open for business in Maricopa. Private Motor Sports broke ground on the $40 million club last October. Since then, 2.3 miles of track have been completed and are already being enjoyed by members.

After phases two and three are finished, the 280-acre development will include two connected racing circuits that include more than 4 miles of track, “garage condominiums” for vehicle storage, a clubhouse with a restaurant, a swimming pool, locker rooms and many more amenities that are usually found in exclusive country clubs.

Over the course—pun fully intended—of the next couple of years, APEX Motor Club will transform into a car home for vehicle collectors, car enthusiasts and Hall of Famers. Car buffs can drive their prized cars around the first-class facility while enjoying the ambiance and amenities of a country club.

Members will also have the opportunity to experience classes and instruction by some of the best people in auto racing. Membership is currently limited to 400 people; prices range based on membership level.

For more information, visit ApexMotorClub.com.

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