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Focus on the Future with Smart Financial Choices

The new year can be a time of financial fear for some people. It can bring about worry for the future and an unclear vision of what can be done to protect and grow finances. If you’re feeling like this is the time to begin anew with a solid plan for financial success, FineMark can help.

FineMark offers an array of services from traditional banking services to a highly sophisticated investment platform to help you focus on saving, investing and making sound decisions in 2019.

“When you think about investing, focus on your investment objectives, combined with your willingness and ability to bear risk,” says Tim Nguyen, private wealth adviser. “After a decade-long bull market, the notion of returns reverting to a more normalized level would be the expectation, and a thorough examination of these factors will dramatically increase the chances of success.”

Retirement is definitely a major concern for many. Saving for the future can seem like a daunting task, however, FineMark advisers have sophisticated financial planning tools that can aggregate financial accounts, determine net worth, monitor cash flow and help you better plan for retirement through illustrated charts and detailed summaries.

“Our clients come to us with unique situations, like entrepreneurs who have started and sold a business, clients who are seeking to leave a legacy on their community or those who won’t outlive their money and are focused on multi-generational planning,” says Christopher Highmark, private wealth adviser. “We also have a professional athlete’s division that helps athletes achieve their financial planning goals. For our client athletes, it is particularly important to follow a financial plan during their playing years because it is nearly impossible to know how long their career will last.”

The FineMark difference is simple. From a firm perspective, FineMark is heavily focused on relationships, taking a consultative approach to making a positive impact on the lives of clients as well as the community. From an investment perspective, FineMark’s investment platform includes both internally managed equity solutions as well as a fully curated array of external managers.

The bank operates similarly to a family office. For example, they negotiate directly with managers on behalf of client families at the firm level. FineMark is a full-service investment research and management firm inside a bank and trust company, and as such, clients find value in trust expertise. FineMark has the ability to serve as trustee, and advisers have the ability to help guide clients through the estate planning process. 

If you’re ready to begin on a fiscally responsible path in 2019, visit FineMark, where employees are sincere and committed to doing the right thing and making an impact on the individuals, families and communities they serve.

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