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Meet Kelley Durham, A Valley Attorney on a Quest for Knowledge

Live life to the fullest—a cliché saying, but one that resonates with local attorney Kelley Durham. Durham is an accident injury lawyer, animal advocate, amateur photographer, baseball enthusiast, and world traveler who attributes her zest for life to her late grandmother, Georgia Talbott.

“I lived with my grandma and she was my mother figure,” Durham says. “She inspired me and taught me the importance of helping others.”

Durham grew up with a passion for volunteering, and says that is the reason she chose law as a career.

“I became a lawyer because I've always wanted to help people,” she shares.

She's been in the legal industry for over 20 years, and became a lawyer 15 years ago. The past six years she's been running her own practice, K Durham Law PLLC.

Durham is also president of the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary, the zoo's oldest volunteer fundraising organization.

“I absolutely adore animals and I have so many fond memories of going to the zoo with my grandma,” she says. “It's truly an honor to be a part of the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary.”

Her love for animals has spanned her lifetime; in her youth, Durham wanted to be a marine biologist, a passion that stemmed from her interest in sharks. Although her career path changed, her interest in the ocean and sharks has only grown.

“Sharks are so misunderstood and they really get a bad rap,” Durham says. “Ever since I was a little girl I've always been fascinated by them and I've always wanted to learn more about them.”

That desire for knowledge has led her around the globe on thrill-seeking adventures, such as cage dives with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island and in Mossel Bay, South Africa. She has also gone diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and has been on multiple safaris in South Africa.

Durham says she enjoys traveling because she wants to see the world and learn as much as she can about people and other cultures. She's also traveled throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and the Mexican Riviera.

“I just got back from the Dominican Republic,” she says. “We went to watch some winter league baseball. The games there are electric; every one is like the World Series.”

While on her adventures Durham always takes beautiful photos, some of which are displayed in her law office. She insists she is not a photographer, but her work garners positive attention.

“People always ask about the photos,” she says. “And they are always shocked to learn that I took them. I'm not a professional by any means. I guess I just have a good eye.”

Adventure, learning, and personal growth are never-ending for Durham, and she is planning another excursion that will take her back to Africa and Europe.

“Other people's perspectives are just as important as your own,” she says. “To me, life is about growth and learning, and learning from others can make life better.”

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