Move Over, AstroTurf

ForeverLawn Takes Synthetic Grass to the Next Level

Weather in the Valley can be costly and cumbersome on any landscaping. Shaded areas, a lack of moisture and excessive heat can prevent even the most maintained lawns from remaining green or keep them from growing at all. ForeverLawn set out to change the landscape industry by developing a high-quality, technologically advanced synthetic grass.

“ForeverLawn is a synthetic grass company offering problem-solving solutions with innovation and quality,” says Seneca Hamel, spokesperson for ForeverLawn East Valley.

Synthetic grass requires no sunlight and minimal maintenance. Because there is nothing to water, synthetic grass may help homeowners cut their monthly water consumption, lowering their water bills. In addition, evergreen lawns mean homeowners need not worry about purchasing pesticides or fertilizer to maintain landscaping.

“A lot of yards in the East Valley are smaller, making it tedious to mow, water and maintain,” Seneca says. “In this case, synthetic grass is a much better choice because it helps save on water and maintenance costs and is extremely easy to maintain.”

The Valley may see less rain, but according to Seneca, synthetic grass can also help in eliminating mud when it does rain—meaning no muddy yard for kids or pets to wind up tracking through the house. She shares that because the grass is synthetic and requires little maintenance, it will continue to look great all year.

Synthetic lawns have an advantage over pavement or rock in the summer, too. Synthetic grass won’t remain as cool as real grass, but it won’t absorb and radiate heat the same way pavement, rock and brick do—a perk under the Arizona sun, according to ForeverLawn.

Seneca says people worry that artificial turf will look fake or stand out compared to their neighbors' lawns. 

“Artificial grass has come a long way since the original Astroturf,” she says. “Our DuPont landscape products are extremely realistic and look almost exactly like real grass when put next to sod.”

ForeverLawn offers a variety of synthetic grasses to meet the different needs of the consumer, including Playground Grass, Splash Grass, Golf Green and K9Grass.

“Our most installed product is our K9Grass,” says Seneca. “It is completely safe for pets and kids because it is nontoxic, clean and easy to maintain.”

Seneca describes the grass as antimicrobial blades with a short, dance blade structure that eliminates the need for infill—small pieces of crushed material that are put over artificial grass to help the blades stand up. She says ForeverLawn’s installation process and lack of infill in the artificial lawn allows for proper drainage and avoids lingering odor.

She shares that homeowners can still contact ForeverLawn to learn about their options, even if they aren’t sure if it’s within their budget. 

“We are all about solutions and finding what works best for each of our clients,” Seneca says. Along with traditional payment methods, ForeverLawn offers no-interest financing, allowing homeowners to pay for their synthetic lawns over time.

ForeverLawn was founded in 2004 and has been serving commercial and residential residents since by offering a unique quality product and strong business principles, and looking out for communities, according to the company.

To learn more, visit ForeverLawn.com/eastvalley. Follow ForeverLawn on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up with the latest news and information about artificial lawns.

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