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Pace Art Collective Captures the Essence of Summer

From barbecues to beach visits, showcasing summer memories at home adds warmth to any space. Laura Pace started Pace Art Collective after her extensive work in galleries, and it serves as a complete resource for artwork and picture framing. She shares how to best make it summer year-round in your home.

1. "Crashing Waves" has been enhanced with a traditional scoop frame bringing out the shapes the artist had incorporated in his painting.

2.  Van Matino's "Seascape" is enhanced with light cream silk and sage inner frame with a Champagne scoop frame.

3.  "AZ Landscape" showcases Tivoli khaki tweed fabric which brings out the cacti.

4. "Beside the Water" by Lisa Ridgers is framed in an off-white linen liner with bronze scalloped fillet to bring out the horizon line coupled with an inner sage silk liner for the soft foreground area.

5. "End of Day" by Lisa Ridgers is framed with a graphite natural fillet with a Tivoli tweed liner to give the feeling of sand and a universal natural cherry inner frame to pull out the detail finished with a Roma natural maple and silver transitional frame.

6. The small grouping of treasures showcases a red anemone photo from Waikiki and is contrasted with a white mat and inner natural wood inlay frame with black outer frame for drama. The beige anemones are framed with a white mat for contrast and a lacquered angle frame with beach tones of white and sand. The sand dollars are shadowboxed with a white and graphite mat to blend with the colors of the dollars and help highlight their patterns. A simple graphite frame is used to pull out the pattern.

7. Embellishments can make the rich colors of personal summer photography pop, as seen in "Pool Hair, Don't Care" and "Beach Silhouette." 

 "I personally am so attracted to coastal areas, so I carry a lot of ocean-inspired pieces. When framing photos from vacations, we always use crisp white mats or neutral tans or beige to go with hair and skin tones or ground areas, if scenic. White is the most common color chosen because it makes the photo look more dramatic. Sometimes a white beach wood is great; sometimes something with texture similar to the foliage or scene you are framing is a better choice. When framing or shadowboxing treasures, we look at laying them on a color that will really show them off and pick frames that are either simple or frames that have the same texture shape or cuts as the objects being framed."

"Both framing and artwork along with collected memorabilia is so crucial in the home. Framing should always be an extension of the artwork or treasure, allowing it room to breathe and enhancing what it already is through color, texture or shape. While many framing options will work, finding the one that enhances the mood or feeling of the piece is best."

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