What to Tell Your Kids About Water Safety

Prepare Your Kids to be Safe Around Water, and Keep the Conversation Going, With a Simple Water Safety Quiz

Article by Chandler Parks & Recreation

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As a part of the City of Chandler’s new #WaterYouDoing campaign, we’ve created a short, three-question quiz you can ask your kids to get the conversation started.

Under 5

Start demonstrating water safety behaviors with infants as early as six months, and continuously check for understanding as they grow.

1. Should you ever go near the pool without an adult? The answer is always “no.” Make sure to tell young children that an adult means a parent or a caregiver. This practice holds true when swimming or playing around the pool.

2. What happens if you fall in the pool? The goal should always be to find the nearest wall and get out. Practice returning to the wall, holding onto the side of the pool edge, and climbing along until they are safely able to exit.

3. What would you do if your sibling or playmate fell in the pool? Calling for or seeking out help is critical. Children should never attempt to get in and rescue their friend or sibling, even if they are a good swimmer.

Under 14

1. What are our family’s pool rules? Make sure they include “never swim without an adult.” Rules should apply no matter if they’re at home, a friend’s house or elsewhere.

2. How do you know someone needs help in a pool? Drownings are not usually loud with splashing and yelling, but are often quiet and only take seconds. If someone is under the water or unable to take a breath for more than 20 seconds, it’s a potential emergency.

3. What would you do if someone needed help in the pool? Call for help. Teach children to get an adult and/or call 911. Showing them how to help from the pool deck by reaching or throwing an object out to the person in trouble, but to never jump in, could save both their lives.   

Learn more water safety or about our swim programs at ChandlerAZ.gov/wateryoudoing.

August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month #BH2OAware.

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