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Great customer service and quality merchandise are the keystones of any business. In the jewelry industry, knowledgeable staff is also a critical component. This is why Frank Isaac, owner of Isaac Jewelers, personally handpicks all of his employees. He’s also on premises every day, and he enjoys interacting with his customers.

“Our standards in the store are very high,” he says. “My employees treat everyone who walks in the same, whether doing a repair for $50 or making a million dollar sale. The treatment is the same, the respect is the same, and that’s what really makes us different from everyone else.”

In the same location for 17 years, Isaac has a loyal customer base and has welcomed many generations into his store. He’s sold pieces to parents, their children, and their grandchildren. His sales staff, who are gemologists and diamontologists, have been with him, on average, for more than 10 years—Isaac says they’re like family.

“I’m a hands-on owner and operator, so I make sure when you walk in, you’re walking into a family, and are treated with love and respect,” he says. “My customers have been loyal to me for 17 years, and we have a huge amount of followers. My employees know many of our customers by name.”

Originally from Syria, Isaac came to the United States when he was 17. While attending Arizona State University full-time, he also worked full-time for a jeweler in Old Town Scottsdale and learned everything he could about the business. In 1996, shortly after obtaining his B.A. in finance, he opened a small jewelry store/gift shop, which he sold a year later.

“I then opened a Native American jewelry store in 1997, and had that until 2003,” he says. “All my life, I wanted to open a fine jewelry store, but didn’t have the money. But then, I sold that store and opened Isaac Jewelers in 2017. When you work hard, you can realize your dreams.”

Within its 4,000 square feet, Isaac Jewelers offers a wide selection of merchandise, from bridal to fashion, at all different price points. In addition to jewelry, the store carries a large array of designer watches. And, everything at Isaac Jewelers is done in-house, including custom work and repairs—they don’t send things out.

“We have things in our store that nobody has, and there are pieces from a hundred dollars to a million dollars,” Isaac says. “We have a little bit of everything. And, we use quality diamonds. You can save money on cheaper gems, but it’s not worth it if you want sparkle.”

What Isaac is well known for, and what he considers his specialty, is custom jewelry.

“I like to listen to the customer to understand what they like and what they don’t like, and I look at what they’re wearing to get ideas of what I can make,” he says. “I want to make them things they can wear daily and enjoy, and not make crazy stuff that they’re not going to wear. We create unique things, or if you have your own ideas, we take them and kind of tweak them a little bit to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Our prices are reasonable and we can do everything within two to three weeks.”

Isaac also refashions jewelry that people no longer want to wear.

“I take it, melt it, and pull everything out to make [the customer] something outstanding,” he says. “We do it in steps because we don’t want to shock them. After I draw the design on a piece of paper, my CAD designer puts it together in the computer, and we show that to the customer first, just in case they want to make changes. This is all free of charge.”

Once a customer approves it, the new piece is finished within a couple weeks. So far, he says, he’s done more than 10,000 pieces, and hasn’t had one person say no to his CAD design.

“About a year ago, I had a customer, an older lady, who liked very cool things,” says Isaac. “She didn’t want anything common. She told me, ‘I’m not looking for simple stuff. Make me something unique.’ So, I spoke with her a little bit and found out she’s into art and into coloring, and loves chandeliers. She had a bracelet with a bunch of small diamonds in it that she wasn’t wearing, so I took it apart completely and made her chandelier earrings. They were popular in the ’50s and ’60s, but these had a modern twist and were flat, so whenever she moved the diamonds really sparkled. Really, really cool, and she loved them.”

Trends are always changing in the jewelry business, and Isaac says that although white gold is always the biggest seller, in the last six to seven months a lot of people are moving in the direction of yellow gold.

“Instead of a small amount, we now have two or three cases of yellow gold. A white gold and yellow gold combination is very rich to the eye, so we’ve been doing a lot of two-tone.”

Also popular now is rose gold, along with stackables. Instead of wearing one pendant, the current look is to wear two or three pendants in different lengths. And instead of donning one bracelet, wearing multiples is the style. 

“Jewelry is a passion,” he says. “If you have passion for something, it’s like love. Jewelry is something people don’t need, but it’s a passion for them. You have to love what you do, and you have to love what you wear.”

Isaac Jewelers is also very invested in the community.

“We’re the main sponsor of Child Crisis Arizona, a big charity that raises over a million dollars in yearly events,” he says. “I’ve been involved with them for six or seven years now, and I usually make beautiful diamond jewelry for people to bid on.

“I’m also involved with Phoenix Children’s Hospital; we give a percentage of sales to them every year.”

Isaac is also a huge supporter of military, veterans, police officers, and firefighters. They, along now with hospital workers, receive discounts in his store.

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