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The New Jaguar I-Pace is a Leader in Eco Luxury

Article by Becky Antioco

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Jaguar

Originally published in Chandler Lifestyle

The new I-Pace from Jaguar is impressive on many levels. It’s the first fully electric vehicle (EV) from a mainstream luxury automaker. It’s beautiful, exceedingly comfortable, and high-tech, yet familiar in its layout and operation.

And driving it is a blast. Acceleration is instantaneous—one of the advantages of driving an EV. The immediate response to your every move is addictive. Put the I-Pace in Dynamic mode, and you’ll hear a beautiful (albeit artificial) engine hum that lets you know you’re driving a true performance machine.

I-Pace also takes vehicle tech up a notch, whether by learning your driving habits to determine real-world range, or adjusting the climate system based on pressure sensors in the seats. To alleviate any range anxiety, the smart navigation system can recommend charging stations along your route and—based on topography—will tell you how much battery charge it will take to get there.

"I love everything about the I-Pace. Performance. Styling. Fantastic driving car!" says Bobby Perich, general manager of Jaguar Chandler. "It's great that Jaguar has an electric vehicle. [We'll] definitely see more and more electric and hybrid vehicles in the future." 

The new Jaguar I-Pace is everything you’d expect from a luxury car, and more than you would from an EV. Pricing starts at $69,500.

What it Has

1.     The I-Pace can go up to 240 miles on one charge of the 90 kilowatt-hour battery, and can be fully charged in 40 minutes with a rapid charging station.

2.     Six USB ports keep the family happy and charged up on road trips. I-Pace also has a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices.

3.     “Hey Alexa. Do I have enough of a charge to get to work?” Jaguar’s InControl app integrates with Amazon Alexa for information on most vehicle functions.

4.     Software over-the-air updates mean that your I-Pace is continuously improving, with the latest infotainment and vehicle systems delivered directly to your vehicle.

5.     Two motors combine for 394 horsepower, moving the I-Pace from zero to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

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