Celtic Style

There is an undeniable thread that weaves together the fabric of Irish tradition and family.

A timeless style surrounds the Celtic languages and cultures, specifically from ancient Ireland. There is an undeniable thread that weaves together the fabric of tradition and family.

The Kerry Cottage in Downtown Kirkwood is the place to discover the newest Celtic styles in apparel, gifts, and accessories imported from across the pond and chat with owners Diane Jorgenson and her daughter Karin about all things Irish.

Wanting to dive deeper into your Irish heritage? The Kerry Cottage has an incredibly detailed ancestral map of Ireland. Consider a Galway Crystal Renmore whiskey set, or a Belleek Connemara Jug as beautiful gifts for anyone that is even a wee bit Irish. But the Kerry Cottage offers much more than just Irish-themed styles. Think gorgeous cashmere wool scarves, soft hats, warm gloves and thick socks, timeless sweaters, classic cardigans, and whimsical bags and totes. You don't have to be Irish to shop at the Kerry Cottage. There is something for everyone, and everyone is welcome. 

The words "Cead mile failte" are painted across the top of the Kerry Cottage. It is Gaelic for "a hundred thousand welcomes." Although these words have been spoken for centuries, they are timeless reminders of creating a life well-lived.

We asked Tom Murphy to pull the thread from two ancient Gaelic phrases and relate it to business, family, and Irish traditions in the modern world. As a mentor, business advisor, and the CEO of Sonus Benefits for over 30 years, he leads a team of industry specialists to provide custom benefits solutions for business owners, CFOs, and HR directors. And, true to his deep Irish heritage, he feels strongly about faith, family, tradition, and love of a Irish whiskey drink with a good yarn. Tom knows how to create solutions for a happy life with an authentic Irish style.

"Cead mile failte can translate to both one's personal life and professional life. You can accomplish much more if you have a welcoming heart and are open to others," said Tom. "The purpose statement for our firm, which I live by, is… 'Solutions for a Happy Life.' This means we always seek the best outcome, no matter the stakeholder. Treat others with respect and compassion, as you never know what trials they may be going through."

"Trí na chéile a thógtar na cáisléain" means "In our togetherness, castles are built," said Tom. "I have been to Ireland and seen many beautiful castles. I was even lucky enough to stay in a few. I always marveled at the generations of people it had to take to build the castles. No one person could have built any of them alone."

"If I think about my personal and professional life, any success I may have did not come in a silo. I was fortunate to have many others who were there for me along the way," Tom said. "Life is about constantly learning and teaching. Know when you need to lean on others and when you need to be there for someone to lean on you."

"Réitigh do shaol sona" means "solutions for a happy life" in Gaelic. That is a timeless way of living that will never go out of style.

"Cead mile failte translates to accomplishing much more if you have a welcoming heart and are open to others," said Tom Murphy.

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