An interactive experience for the entire Family!

Since it’s sold out, opening day this past Christmas, the St. Louis Aquarium has had thousands of inquisitive guests enter through their arched entrance, to venture and explore. 

The St. Louis Aquarium continues to be sold out almost every weekend, as it provides to everyone who visits a chance to enjoy many high-tech, and hands on experiences throughout the 120,000 square feet complex.

The St. Louis Aquarium has also embraced its roots in the middle of one of our countries most iconic train stations – Union Station – as you venture into the Train station lobby of the Aquarium to start your adventure.  And you will be amazed by all the sensory viewing you are about to experience.  And once you are “all aboard”, you’ll enjoy St. Louis’s own John Goodman as your conductor throughout your initial journey, making for the ultimate beginning of your hour and ½ tour.

And once you depart from the train, be prepared, as your adventure intensifies once you gain access to interacting with sea creatures ~ literally ~ around every turn at St. Louis Aquarium.  That’s right, you not only get to view sea creatures in their natural habitats, but you literally get to reach out, touch, and feed many of them along your way.

As your adventure continues, make sure to sit down, relax and start a conversation with Tommy the Otter.  This totally interactive show allows Tommy to share his life as a sea otter with you, as he answers any question you might have to ask him too during the show.

Plus, if you’ve ever dreamt of petting a stingray, a shark, or have ever wanted to feed a turtle, the St. Louis Aquarium is the perfect place to experience all of these fun activities while you are visiting a well.

According to Tami Brown, Executive Director of the St. Louis Aquarium, there was a lot of thought and preparation put into every inch of this place, including the Aquarium’s high touch, high-tech approach, which literally happens the minute you step through their door.  “Providing this higher level of connection for our guests within our facility, and with these wonderful aquatic animals has always been our goal.  This interactive approach for our guests ultimately leads to a better understanding of all of the creatures we house here, and their environments.  This high touch approach in turn, allows for our guests to realize that they might want to become better stewards for our planet, and our waters, allowing for all these animals to continue to thrive within our world.”

“Our Aquarium is also constantly evolving, as starting this month, our new Kid’s Zone area will open, allowing for youngsters to experience many role play opportunities, just as if they worked here at the St. Louis Aquarium.  From learning how to train an otter, to experiencing what it’s like being a technician within our Vet Lab, to learning how to prepare food for our Sharks, participants will be able to enjoy all these experiences firsthand.  And you don’t want to miss our Behind-the-Scenes tours, which allow for our guests to get a more intimate look at what it takes to care for our animals all throughout the complex.”

“With our continued abundance of guests all throughout the week, we suggest that you visit our website @ www.stlouisaquarium.com and secure your tickets before your trip to Union Station, especially on the weekends, thus making sure that your excursion to visit us is everything you want it to be.”

If you would like more information about the St. Louis Aquarium or all of the other fun and exciting activities throughout Union Station, please visit stlouisaquarium.com or stlouisunionstation.com

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