Inspired by New Perspective for a New Year

Ditch the lofty New Year’s resolutions and dare to dream big

If you’re like me, you struggle with the concept of making New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them. It’s fantastic that people want to set goals to get in shape at the beginning of the year, but I get grumpy when my go-to workout class is booked full of new people who won’t last a month. So do we just ditch the traditional idea of resolutions all together? That would imply we remain complacent in our ability to accomplish goals.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s learning to be flexible and open to new possibilities. Before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, I started practicing yoga regularly. The discipline of showing up on my mat again and again taught me to set positive intentions for my future. Rather than feeling obligated to check off a box, I strive to welcome new potential. It works like this.

Instead of, “I will go to the gym and lose 20 pounds,” you set a positive intention: I devote a few hours each week for myself to find some form of movement, an activity that makes me feel stronger and healthier. Maybe it’s walking with friends, taking a cardio dance class, or devoting more time to chasing your kids around the park. Whatever it is, set goals that make you feel excited about the future. When putting them into practice they should bring you joy and make you feel alive.

If there are changes you want to bring into existence, say it out loud or write it down. Do not be surprised when the universe brings you exactly what you wanted. Fear holds us back, and pressure to succeed hinders our progress. But dreams, desire, creativity, and sometimes even failure – these are what move us to create real change in our lives.

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