Six Facial Injectable Procedures To Look Your Best This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and you may be thinking about all the things you have to do to get your home ready, but how are you getting yourself ready?

At Perfect Smile Tulsa, we have a wide variety of same-day procedures to help enhance your natural beauty without going under the knife. Whether you’re looking to smooth away unsightly wrinkles or add a little volume to your lips, We can help you look your best for the holidays.

Botox Lip Flip

Botox can be used not only for smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines, but it can also be used as a tool for creating the appearance of plumper lips. For certain people who have thinner lips or lips that naturally curve inwards, Botox can be a great way of creating the appearance of plumper lips without injecting a filler - perfect for those who just need a little bump or are afraid they might end up looking like a Kardashian. Injecting a small amount of Botox under the upper lip relaxes the muscles in the upper lip ever-so-slightly, which then rolls the upper lip outward causing a more “pouty” look.

Gummy Smile

Overactive upper lip muscles that pull your lip up too high can cause what’s known as a “gummy smile.”  Injecting Botox into the smile muscles near the cheeks can calm the upper lip so that when you smile, your upper lip does not lift past your gumline. Many people have a combination gummy smile and an upper lip that tucks under itself as they smile, giving the appearance of a very thin upper lip. Correct Botox placement in both the smile muscles and in the upper lip, for a Botox Lip Flip, can create a very full, natural smile. 

Lip Filler for Lip Wrinkles a.k.a Smoker Lips or Lipstick Lines

Over time, the fullness of your lips shrinks, causing lines all around your mouth. Nowadays more aptly called “lipstick lines,” these wrinkles around the lips usually don’t go away, even with the best moisturizers. Normally Botox is used for getting rid of wrinkles, but in this case, we can use facial filler to fill in the depressed areas, without suppressing the lip muscle for a more youthful appearance.

Brow Lift/Eye Lift

If you’ve noticed your eyes are starting to look droopy or that you seem to look like you’re sleepy all the time, it may be time to consider a Botox Brow Lift. Injecting Botox into certain muscles in your forehead and above your eyebrows can help relax the “scowling” muscles which cause droopy eyes.

Filler for Divots

Many people get “divots” in little areas around their face, particularly in the cheeks and chin as they age. Areas that were once smooth now have indentations or small craters because the collagen in the skin has started to disappear in one particular area. Using facial filler, like Juvéderm, is a great way to get little indentations to fill back up and look full and smooth again.

Facial Filler for Jawline and Chin

Juvéderm is a great minimally invasive way to achieve a more defined jawline without implants or facial recontouring. Facial filler is a wonderful option for those who want a stronger or squarer jawline or the appearance of a larger mouth or chin, especially those who have experienced bone loss due to tooth loss. Fillers can also be used in the jawline, the chin, or near the cheeks to achieve a softened, more delicate jawline.

About Dr. Davis

Dr. Mark Davis has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Tulsa for over 35 years and has been providing facial injectable procedures for over 10 years. Dr. Davis is a Master Injector with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.  His office, Perfect Smile Tulsa, is located at 5301 South Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74105

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