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HTR Pediatric Therapy Now Offers the TheraSuit® Treatment Method

Parents with a child with cerebral palsy or other neurological conditions are always on the search for the next breakthrough treatment. That’s why HTR Pediatric Therapy is so excited to announce the addition of the TheraSuit® Method to its service of pediatric therapies.

The TheraSuit is a soft orthosis used to treat patients diagnosed with cerebral palsy, developmental delays, coordination disorders, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, hypotonicity, and other non-progressive neurological disorders.

It provides input to the muscles, joints, and ligaments using elastic bungees that are positioned to correct atypical posturing patterns. This puts the body in a more neutral alignment to prepare it to learn or relearn functional movement patterns that are essential for participation in daily activities. As alignment is restored, the bungees can be modified to then build strength.

HTR Pediatric Therapy is the first in Oklahoma to offer the TheraSuit Method. Until now, patients have been traveling across the country as well as outside the United States to receive the TheraSuit treatment for their children. One such patient is Connor.

Born early at only 24 weeks, Connor is a spunky, blonde-haired little boy with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a type of brain injury that affects premature infants, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and cerebral visual impairment.

His mother, Jenny says, “We are incredibly grateful to have a home clinic like HTR Pediatric Therapy. They are constantly growing, getting new equipment, and new training—it doesn’t stop! Not only is this a big deal for Conner to have access to the TheraSuit weekly, but he will have access to many of the therapies we currently must travel outside of Tulsa to receive. Tulsa is lucky to have HTR Pediatric Therapy.”

For more information about the TheraSuit® Method, contact HTR Pediatric Therapy at 918-806-0106 or

Until now, patients have been traveling across the country as well as outside the United States to receive the TheraSuit treatment for their children.

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