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Reimagining the Traditional Recliner

Article by Article & Photography by Abby Graves

Originally published in Tulsa Lifestyle

Luxe Furniture & Design, a Tulsa-based, family-owned furniture and interior design store, opened the doors of its new showroom at 106th and Memorial on March 1. The beautifully designed space includes an abundance of natural light, tall ceilings, and -- you guessed it -- gorgeous, high quality furniture and accessories that have been carefully and artistically arranged with a designer’s touch.

While Luxe Furniture & Design has certainly honed its aesthetic over the years, the team of designers celebrate individual styles and are willing and eager to take on any design challenge a client might have.

“One client challenge we often see is the desire to merge two individual styles to create a home that offers both feminine features and functional, masculine touches in a cohesive way,” Luxe owner Tamara Noel said. “To combat this, we offer a wide variety of furniture that is as comfortable and functional as it is beautiful.”

As trends in furniture design have evolved, few pieces have seen as big of a transformation as the modern-day recliner. Rather than being oversized with a long, wooden lever handle for reclining, Luxe offers many recliner styles that are disguised so well you wouldn’t even know they recline. But make no mistake -- these recliners continue to offer the comfort and functionality for which traditional recliners have always been known. According to Luxe designer Rachael Jelley, “I love that modern-day recliners have clean lines and aren’t bulky or overstuffed like recliners of the past!”

“One of my favorite recliners to show customers is the Bradington-Young Luxury Motion program. It is customizable in fabric or leather and has an articulating headrest. This is the perfect choice for those whose TV is above the fireplace or higher on the wall,” shared Luxe Designer Maureen Walters.

During the month of June, Luxe Furniture & Design is offering $200 off all recliners plus free local delivery. As always, complimentary design services are included with any purchase.

Stop in and see the new showroom and meet the friendly team at Luxe Furniture & Design. You won’t be disappointed!

Luxe Furniture & Design is located at 10545 S Memorial Dr. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-7 p.m., Friday-Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m., and Sunday 1-5 p.m. 

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