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Tile and Stone in Your Home

A Timeless Elegance

Article by Kathy Slemp

Photography by Kathy Slemp

Originally published in Tulsa Lifestyle

Tile and stone flooring is a timeless classic. Stone flooring and walls in castles and mansions have set a standard for luxurious interior designs. The tile and stone industry has taken off in the last decade with new innovations and the latest in technology. The details with textures and color variations are remarkable.

Stepping into Visions tile and stone, inc. is awe-inspiring. The color, tile, stone and store layout all lend itself to envision a myriad of ideas for any indoor or outdoor space. The store carries numerous lines including stained glass and antique mirrored tiles.

Visions tile and stone, inc. owner, Dennis Pine, said the current trends include, “Large format porcelain, 10” x 59” hard wood and old concrete/industrial - look planks for floors and walls - and unique handmade glass, wood, porcelain, stone and gems in tiles and stones.”

Because tile or stone will last for generations, Pine recommends that customers choose the design they truly love. Making a good choice will play an important role with how the buyer feels about the space even after the popular trends change.

Pine explained that knowledge is key when purchasing. “Every tile or stone is not meant for every purpose. Glass tile is great for splashing in the bath but some cannot be submerged for use in a swimming pool.”

Tile Trends

  • Large format everything.
  • Manufacturers are beautifully replicating the hottest wood looks.
  • There is an emphasis on natural wood and concrete planks, eye-catching patterns, shapes and design.
  • Patterned tile still dominates, allowing one to be creative.
  • The porcelain industry is growing and leading the way.
  • Textured accent walls with raised surfaces lead to gorgeous eye-catching wall displays.
  • Rectangle subway tiles are still popular with more options in sizes and colors.
  • Encaustic decorative tiles have become more desirable.
  • Glass tile is going strong with more colors and larger size glass tiles.
  • Marble is timeless and has been popular for centuries. Ceramic tile manufacturers have mastered the marble look with a less porous, more durable, less expensive and more accessible material.

Exclusive Vendors

Visions tile and stone, inc. has exclusive rights to sell certain manufacturers in the Tulsa-area including ARTO, Encore Ceramics, Oceanside Glasstile, Syzygy and Tabarka. 

Visions tile and stone, inc. is a great place to begin, re-visit and conclude your design journeys. Visit at 6801 E 14th Street, 918.592.1234 or on Facebook.

Vision Tile And Stone

2494 Parkdale Ave, Simi Valley, California, (805) 857-0653

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