Styled in a Snap

Try this Easy and Polished Holiday Hairstyle

Styling your hair in an updo instantly elevates your style and your mood. Try this sweet and sassy style that you can do yourself! No, really. You can do it. We've included photos to help you get the look!

1. Start with fresh, clean hair.

2. Part hair and section off behind the ear on both sides. Pull into ponytail.

3. Separate ponytail into two sections-top and bottom.

4. Roll the top section flat around your finger.

5. Secure the roll with hairpins.

6. Repeat for bottom section. Adjust to resemble a doughnut and pin.

7. Leaving a few strands out, loosely braid remaining hair on one side.

8. Wrap braid around the bun bringing in remaining hair from other side, minus a few strands. Continue wrapping and securing.

9. Curl tendrils and tuck a sprig of holly into the bun, and it’s the perfect, quick style that will go anywhere.

If you would like a professional to help you get this look, see Sarah Felton of Thomas Scott Salon who created this beautiful style for us. ThomasScottSalon.com Special thanks to our model, Caroline Hutchison of Medina Media. @carolineahutchison

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