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 KC Pier: your foundation for success

Unique Ship Shape Monitoring System adds security.

The level of trust customers have when they call KC Pier Foundation and Repair emanates from the experienced crew and the Ship Shape home monitoring system.

Eric Scheele opened KC Pier in 2016, which organically grew from his other company, KC Property Guys, his real estate, rehab and investment company. He explained. “It started as a single crew from my other company. As we were rehabbing homes throughout Kansas City, we found many had foundation issues. We weren’t really satisfied with the service and expense of repairs, and the lack of standing behind warranties by other foundation guys. By 2016 we took one of our rehab crews and created a foundation repair crew. They cut their teeth with KC Property Guys houses, and by 2016, we decided to go ahead and take our service public and have been going gangbusters ever since!”

They now run three foundation crews and have a full office staff. 

They are traditional in their repair and structural waterproofing on residential houses around KC. Eric explained that what sets them apart is they tend to do higher end repairs at affordable prices. 

“We don’t cut corners and offer options to homeowners. We do have repairs that have a lifetime warranty, and others with lesser warranties. We use high quality materials with higher quality processes,” he noted. “That way, you get the most out of your money.”

KC Pier Ship Shape is a smart home foundation monitoring system that checks for such statuses as waterproofing, temperature and humidity. This is their own unique product they offer with every repair. 

That technology and set of sensors are all included as part of their resolution to provide the utmost service. On the final day of the repair, their technology expert comes in to teach homeowners how to set up their home monitor with KC Ship Shape to get real time texts on their phone. KC Pier has a monitor in their office as well.

The monitor picks up when there is a power loss, water detection or high humidity in your basement or crawl space. 

“We pair that with a level of service and come back out and check and evaluate the work done with our whole 30-point inspection process, at six months and one year. We leave the homeowner with the repair, the Ship Shape monitor and the six-month and one-year report,” he continued. “We check how our repair is performing.”

He expressed that a lot of people don’t understand how a foundation interacts with geological forces around it, and how the soil pressure on an exterior wall affects foundations in KC. 

“Those are powerful forces, but when we reinforce the wall, it can last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about those problems happening again and don’t need to fear the unknown,” he said. “People are fearful once they start to see a crack in their foundation wall, and the perceived expense when they see water in their basement. We can fix those for a lifetime and teach them how to trust foundation and have peace of mind.”


Visit In Kansas call 913-777-4379; in Missouri call 816-974-7437.

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