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¡ Viva Magenta !

How To Incorporate This Year's Vibrant Color Of The Year

Viva Magenta is the trendy Pantone 2023 Color of the Year. This deeply saturated, eye-grabbing color is making its entrance through many home accents. 

Each year, Pantone Color Institute representatives use color psychology and in-depth research of color influences in society to determine what color speaks for design trends across industries, including web design, fashion and generational marketing. Both this year's color, and its feisty name, exude power and a celebratory vibe. The word 'viva' translates to 'live' in many Latin-based languages but is often used to express and promote the long life of something. 

Viva Magenta is a strong color that could overtake a design if not applied thoughtfully. But it also yields visuals with pops of color, makes a bold statement or can complement other design elements. 

Viva Magenta was inspired by one of the oldest natural dyes:  a red derived from a scale insect, cochineal. However, Viva Magenta also leans toward pink. Viva Magenta is characterized as striking a balance between red and pink, communicating power with a touch of playful rebellion.