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How We Choose: Our Criteria for the Best Businesses

Looking for quality real estate businesses in the Kansas City area?

It’s not easy identifying the best local companies, even if you’ve lived in the same city your whole life.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Using metrics from major local directories like Google, Yelp and social channels, we’ve created an algorithm that tracks the top businesses in the KC area. Of course, businesses are more than just their online presence. That’s why we’ve also worked with our local networks to factor in offline characteristics like local reputation, quality of services and other anecdotal evidence.

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The Rob Ellerman Team

The Rob Ellerman Team has more than 65 real estate team members and six office staff. Currently, The Rob Ellerman Team has five offices in different parts of Kansas City. The team owes its success to its able team leader, Rob Ellerman. Rob ventured into the real estate business in 1995.

Since then, he has never ceased to look for an innovative mechanism to serve builders and clients. The company helps homeowners approximate the value of their homes. Additionally, it markets homes for home sellers and matches them with potential clients. The Rob Ellerman Team also assists buyers in finding their dream homes.

The Goldstein Team, Better Homes and Gardens

Ever since 2004, this real estate firm has been providing services to home buyers and home sellers. Better Homes and Gardens operates from offices located in Missouri and Kansas City. The company’s employees recognize the tension that home buyers go through during the house buying process. They work to ensure everything runs smoothly and that clients find a suitable home. The company's agents also offer assistance to home sellers to locate appropriate clients.

Wolfe-Sweeney + Courtney

Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney is rated among the best real estate firms in the Kansas City metro area. It provides outstanding selling and buying experiences to its clients. By 2015, Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney had closed over $17.5 million.

Apart from offering exceptional home selling and buying services, Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney provides personalized loan experiences, ensuring clients get stress-free titles; insurances services; and rental and relocation help, among others. Those who have consulted Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney appreciate the company's professional and reliable services.

Beginnings KC – Re/MAX Heritage

Beginnings KC – Re/MAX Heritage is a woman-owned business that focuses on advising clients, educating them and helping them in buying and selling their properties. The company team has more than 28 years’ experience in the real estate business.

Moreover, it has been licensed to offer services for commercial and residential properties in Kansas and Missouri. Beginnings KC – Re/MAX Heritage also has a team of financing experts that assists clients in finding the ideal loan program with low down payments and competitive rates.

Re/MAX – Renee Amey Realty Group

Re/MAX – Renee Amey Realty Group offers a market-responsive and technology-driven solution to those who want to purchase or sell homes. The company has been providing real estate services since 2003 and is led by Renee Amey, a passionate and professional leader. She has consecutively been recognized in local magazines due to her extraordinary expertise. Re/MAX – Renee Amey Realty Group relators have been recognized among the top agents in the Kansas City region.

Amy + Mindy Homes and Lifestyle

Amy Robertson, owner of Amy & Mindy Homes & Lifestyle, is an experienced interior designer. She offers her home furnishing services as free additional services whenever hired as a real estate agent. She is aware that when selling houses, interior designers and stagers services are crucial.

The services require financial funding. Amy saves her clients from spending extra cash by offering the same services for free. She has a lifestyle blog that enables her to keep up with the recent trends. As a result, she can let her clients know the current interior designs in the market.

Together with her business partner, Mindy Methner, these real estate agents have written more than $8.2 million in contracts.

The Kathryn Thomas Team, ReeceNichols Leawood

The firm is led by Kathryn Thomas, a real estate expert and relocation specialist. She moved to Kansas City in 1990 from England. After her graduation, Kathryn ventured into the real estate business. Since then, her real estate business performance has been outstanding.

As a result, she has severally been named in the category of Five-Star agents in local magazines. She has a license to offer real estate services in Kansas and Missouri. The Kathryn Thomas Team provides real estate services for resale properties, luxury homes, condos and new construction. Moreover, the team assists those relocating to and from Kansas City.

Dani Beyer Real Estate

Whether you are selling or purchasing a house in KC, the team at Dani Beyer Real Estate has you covered. The firm is committed to offering informative, dedicated and professional services. The company’s realtors work as a team to meet their clients' desires. The team's focus is to provide a stress-free home selling and buying experience. The company consists of hardworking and innovative members led by Dani Beyer, who works to help clients find an ideal home.

The Gunselman Team

The Gunselman Team is a client-focused real estate firm that strives to build a sustainable world. Since it was established in 2011, the Gunselman Team has been selling more than 175 homes in a year. Whether you are investing in real estate properties, buying a home or selling one, the Gunselman Team offers insight to assist you in reaching your goal. The Gunselman Team is classified among the most innovative real estate teams in the Northland. The company also helps its clients to identify the right loan program to use.

Wardell + Holmes Kansas City Real Estate

Wardell & Holmes is a real estate brokerage firm that is built on the principle that they view every client as an investor. Wardell & Holmes agents apply numerous strategies to ensure their clients get good deals. The company provides its services to both local and global clients. 

The company’s team consists of professionals qualified to offer specialized insights in the Kansas City metro area markets. Every member of the team has a proven record and an established reputation. They handle both small and large business deals with diligence. Wardell & Holmes provides real estate services to buyers, sellers and investors.

The Koehler Bortnick Team

The Koehler Bortnick Team assists clients with selling their homes and helps home buyers find a suitable open house or new construction. The Koehler Bortnick Team offers additional services: commercial sales assistance, identifying right insurance, stress-free title, personalized loan experience, and warranty services, among others. More importantly, the Koehler Bortnick Team offers insight to potential clients on market trends, homeownership, and buying and selling homes dos and don’ts.

SCUDO Realty + Property Management

SCUDO Realty offers assistance in property management, real estate sales and real estate investment consulting. The company aims to protect the interest of property investment. Apart from property management, SCUDO also provides snow removal, lawn care services and property maintenance services. Whether you need to purchase a home or rent one, SCUDO can be of great assistance.

Boveri Realty Group LLC

Boveri Realty Group strives to offer the ultimate space that suits its clients’ needs. The company offers commercial, residential leasing and sales services. Boveri Realty Group was founded by Christina Boveri. She works alongside agents who are passionate about Kansas City’s urban core. Whenever Boveri Realty Group agents are consulted, they work to educate their clients on what each Kansas City district offers. The firm primarily focuses on condos, townhomes and lofts.

Stambaugh and Associates

Ashley Stambaugh of Stambaugh and Associates is someone you will immediately feel comfortable with upon your first conversation with her. Reviews from clients speak to her professionalism, listening and communication skills, and knowledge of Kansas City homes and neighborhoods. Whether you are buying or selling, she is an excellent choice with a positive reputation.

The Huff Group

The Huff Group mainly works on referrals. In that case, they focus on providing satisfactory services or exceeding their client’s expectations. The Huff Group values good customer relationships over transactions to safeguard its primary source of new clients, referrals.

Additionally, the group consists of professionals who are specialized in various aspects of the real estate business. The Huff Group provides services to those who want to buy or sell new homes.

Bash + Co. Sotheby's International Realty

This agency is part of the famous Sotheby International Realty network. Sotheby is made of 22,000 agents in 70 different countries. Bash & Co. brings quality and exceptional services from a heritage of more than 274 years in the real estate industry.

The company leverages technology to provide residential real estate brokerage services. Bash & Co. offers real estate services to clients who want to sell or purchase homes in high-end neighborhoods.

Brookside Real Estate Company

Brookside Real Estate Company has been offering real estate services in Kansas City for the past 30 years. It has been licensed to operate in Kansas and Missouri. Additionally, the firm focuses on providing ideal buying and selling solutions to its clients.

Brookside Real Estate Company can provide good advice on the ideal neighborhood to settle, depending on the client’s needs. Additionally, the firm provides honest and informed opinions whenever consulted. Brookside Real Estate Company agents work with integrity.

Malfer + Associates

Malfer & Associates is focused on making buying and selling of houses easier. Malfer & Associates has been rated among the top real estate teams in the Kansas City metro region. It is headed by Kristin Malfer, who has been in the real estate business for more than 18 years.

Her experience in the home construction, interior design and marketing has made her a top agent for Reece & Nichols. Moreover, she has received numerous awards and recognition due to her exceptional skills. Malfer & Associates has success in the real estate industry is due to the company's extensive knowledge of the real estate market and the ability to offer superior customer services.

Karbank Real Estate Company

Barney Karbank founded Karbank Real Estate Company in 1950. Since then, the corporation has been conducting lease and sale deals in the Kansas City metro area and the entire United States. For development services, Karbank Real Estate Company designs and constructs quality buildings.

The firm ensures each building is productive and has a pleasing working space. Moreover, Karbank manages and owns all the projects it develops. For brokerage work, the company represents clients who want to sell or lease properties.

Trinity Homes KellerWilliams Plaza

Trinity Homes is a Kansas City-based real estate firm licensed to conduct its activities in Missouri and Kansas City region. Trinity Homes assists clients in reaching their real estate goals through homes and exceptional services. The firm is led by Leo and Holly Michael, who understand that buying or selling a home is a life-changing experience. The main goal of Trinity Homes is to assist clients in reaching their real estate goals.

Concierge Real Estate Group

The firm has relators with extensive local expertise and unparalleled industry knowledge. The company assists those who want to buy or sell houses with the Kansas City metro region. Concierge Real Estate Group was formed by a team that desired to bring a new experience to customers. 

The agents combine their extensive experience in marketing and community expertise to offer unsurpassed services. Concierge Real Estate Group focuses on providing services that best serve their clients' interests.

Keller Williams Platinum Partners – Frank Paszkiewicz

It is a franchised firm that supports the Fair Housing Act. The group has numerous offices whereby each is independently operated. According to Keller Williams, clients don’t find their dream home by looking at the house size and color. Instead, they identify it by feeling that it is perfect once they walk through the front door. In that case, the firm plans several home visits before allowing you to make an offer. After that, executing the contract and assisting you in identifying a reliable home inspector. Keller Williams Platinum Partners – Frank Paszkiewicz is licensed to operate in Missouri and Kansas.

Keyzio – Melissa Hills

Melissa Hills founded the firm in 2012, and under her management, Keyzio has sold more than 50 homes in the past two years. Keyzio makes selling and buying of homes less expensive, easier and efficient.

The company offers full-service brokerage service from Prairie Village in Kansas City. It has been severally recognized due to its exceptional services. For instance, it was named among the top 50 Real Estate Technology firms in 2013 by HousingWire.

Edie Waters Network – Keller Williams Realty

It is a firm that believes that real estate is a vocation for its agents. Edie Waters Network – Keller Williams Realty has an indispensable team that operates with expertise. Apart from offering home selling and buying services, Edie Waters Network can also assist you in identifying suitable financing for your dream home.

The Wallace Home Group

The Wallace Home Group is a family real estate business with extensive experience in offering quality customer services. It was started by Marcia Wallace in 1995. For approximately 25 years, Maria Wallace and her daughters have been offering impeccable real estate services. Every year The Wallace Home Group has been awarded a five-star customer satisfaction rating.

Jill Zeil – Keller Williams

The firm was established by Jill Zeil, a Kansas City resident. She has a background that is extensive in closing deals and marketing. Moreover, she has exceptional skills in marketing and selling homes.

Jill Zeil – Keller Williams has been in the real estate business since 2010. The company has a team of specialized agents who aim at helping clients achieve their dreams. Jill Zeil – Keller Williams has been licensed to conduct business in Missouri and Kansas.

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