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Focusing on You


Article by Becka Corbitt

Photography by Stock Photos

01 — Self-Care

We get so caught up with our busy lives and consumed with everyone else’s stuff. Inside our fast-paced life, we forget that taking care of who we are really does play a huge role in how we relate and care about others. Self-care is the catalyst to the success we have in valuing who we are and who we are to become.

02 — Holding On To Hope

Hope is the lifeline we throw ourselves. It is the most important source from which we gain the ability to not give up in the midst of adversity. Holding on to hope through the trials of life is instrumental in making it further down the road toward healing and freedom.

03 — Trusting In Something Bigger Than Ourself

Faith exists! It takes only the tiniest amount of faith to believe that there really is a power bigger than who we are that cares enough about us to literally be our guide through this complicated maze we call life. God is the greatest source of faith and truly cares enough about you to empower you with salvation, worthiness, freedom and healing. Believing takes faith and faith develops hope.

04 — Helping Others

There’s no greater gift you could give yourself than the gift of leaning down inside another person’s pain. When we crawl out of the pain we face and find ourselves seeing the needs of others, we have crossed over into life-giving hope. Being a story listener is a sacrificial way of sharing your journey.

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