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This is not what I signed up for.

"I feel more alone when I'm with my spouse than I do when I'm by myself," or "I don't know if this relationship can be saved," are often heard in my intake phone calls.

Feeling burned out, losing hope, or struggling to trust your partner can be a place of profound pain. Often, couples come in feeling like they have had the same fight over and over again. Maybe they have turned away from each other for so long that they don't know how to reach for each other anymore. This kind of rejection and isolation can be devastating.

Converge Couple Therapy exists to help establish, strengthen, preserve, and renew connection in relationships.

You do not have to walk this road alone, and there is help to sort through the difficult business of disconnection or betrayal. The bulk of my practice is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a research-based and thoroughly proven pathway for restoring relationships. EFT offers a map through conflict, with predictable steps to help bring about change and connection that can seem so hard to find.

For couples in crisis, who are uncertain their marriage can or should be saved, we offer Discernment Counseling. This brief, one to five session model has helped thousands of couples on the brink of divorce to slow down and consider their marriage thoughtfully and peacefully. Discernment can help you gain the clarity and confidence you need for the direction of the relationship if you are feeling overwhelmed or deadlocked.

It takes courage to begin. Picking up the phone or clicking "Submit" on that appointment request form might just offer you an unexpected moment of relief in the sea of uncertainty, doubt, or inertia. Crisis becomes an invitation to intimacy, honesty, and change.

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