Small donations add up big

CASA receives $21k from new philanthropic social club

A new and unique giving circle now calls Wilson County home, and it’s proving that a few people can make a huge impact working collectively.

100 Women Who Care Greater Wilson County had their first meeting on January 17, where they raised $16,947 for Wilson County CASA in a matter of an hour.

Here’s how it works.

In order to form a chapter, a group of 100 or more women must agree to donate a minimum of $100 at each quarterly meeting. Then, the steering committee vets the non-profit nominees to ensure they serve the greater Wilson County area, that they are listed as a charity with the state of TN, and have audited financial statements, along with a few other qualifiers. The charity of the quarter is voted on and the one with the most votes wins the purse.

And for an added bonus, the founding family of Best Buy, the Schulze Family Foundation, will donate matching funds of up to $5,000 each meeting. This brought their first quarter donation total for CASA to $21,947.

Currently, this social club boasts 176 members, nearly all local women.

Meeting dates are the 3rd Tuesday of January, April, July and October. So, the remaining dates are 4/18, 7/18 and 10/17. Networking and socializing begin at 5:00pm with the meeting starting at 5:30pm at Cumberland University’s Alumni Hall. Members do not need to be in attendance but are expected to honor the $100 commitment quarterly. The more women who join, the bigger the financial impact.

For more information about joining, visit www.grapevine.org and search Wilson County to find 100+ Women Who Care Greater Wilson County.

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