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100 Strong

A New Group of Men Come Together to Give Back

There’s a new way in town for men to give back. They call themselves the Boerne100, and their goal is “not to be served, but to serve.” Nonprofit leader Breck Harmel talks us through the group’s roots, its goals, and what they’re doing to bless Boerne and beyond.

[Responses edited for length and clarity]

What inspired the formation of Boerne100? 
We recognized that many men would like to be involved with charitable causes, but they might not know how to do so. After all, finding a cause that truly inspires can be challenging. So, we utilized a platform where busy men could come together once a quarter to learn about local charities doing good work and then contribute meaningfully.

Do you face any challenges in bringing men together for philanthropic causes?
Finding men who want to be involved has not been a challenge so far. Boerne100 is limited to 100 men, and we were at capacity within two days of opening our membership. So, I think that's really validated the need and the heart of men in this community.

What kinds of organizations do you partner with? 
The charities we present to our members must be local, meaning they’re doing business primarily in Kendall or one of its adjacent counties. They must also be legitimate 501(c)(3) organizations and must benefit human causes. Our first $10,000 grant was awarded to Camp Discovery, a wonderful organization in Kerrville that sends children who have been diagnosed with cancer to summer camp.
How can people get involved?
Visit our website, Any nonprofit that would like to be considered can fill out an application. People can also contribute financially or join our waiting list because we plan to open up to more members soon. 

Boerne100 by the Numbers:

100 men gather for 2 hours 4 times each year.

Each member contributes $100 per quarter.

$10,000 is awarded to a partner non-profit each quarter.

Counties served: