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Beating the Winter Blues 


Article by Lynsey Martini

Photography by Stock Images

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Are you feeling the winter blues and craving some springtime cheer? A great way to add some spring into your home is through plants. If you are apprehensive due to time and care, let me introduce you to a few low-maintenance house plants that are sure to bring you some joy. Disclaimer: I know that having plants can be intimidating to some, but I can assure you that these plants will be easy enough to maintain for everyone.

Snake Plants

There are a few different types of snake plants that you can pick up at a nursery or your local hardware store. They require low light and can handle being watered once a week. You can let them get full in one pot or separate them out into smaller pots once it starts to take off.


Again your local store will potentially have a variety of these house plants. I personally have golden pothos plants. All three of them have doubled in size and have runners. I haven't personally propagated them, but I know it is easy to do if you don't want to have long vines. These plants require low light and may require a bit more watering than the snake plants; it depends on the humidity in your home.

Nerve Plant

This is one of my most resilient plants personally speaking. It likes filtered sunlight, and it loves water. It is important to maintain a balance when watering this plant; it loves water, but you need to be careful not to overwater it. I check mine more frequently than my other plants to make sure it is not on the verge of wilting. If it wilts, I just add water and it will spring back instantly.

House plants and their care have been one of the best things I was able to discover in 2020. I hope this helps inspire you to buy a plant or two. Having the green indoors really helps combat the winter blues.

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