Ultimate Luxury

2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge

When asked to drive the iconic 2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge, it was met with a resounding yes! I have had the privilege of driving many sophisticated, luxury vehicles, but in my experience, the Rolls-Royce has most definitely risen to the top. As it turns out, the unmistakable, Old World Rolls-Royce brand is as legitimate as we all thought.

From its ultra-chic appearance to the sophisticated and bespoke details, it holds up to its name and reputation as the symbol of ultimate luxury. Bespoke at its finest, the Rolls-Royce has, without a doubt, built a priceless brand which cannot be sold elsewhere.

First when opening the eye-opening suicide doors, you feel like you are living a James Bond movie. Sliding into the plush seats with thick lamb's wool floor mats at your feet, you feel like you're slipping onto a cloud of comfort and will soon be gracefully floating down the road.

Driving the Rolls-Royce Dawn is the most relaxing driving experience I’ve ever had. You could easily drive countless hours in absolute comfort and will find yourself making excuses to take it out for a casual cruise or to run errands. The Dawn is 17-and-a-half feet long, making even the back seats quite spacious, comfortable, and anything but an afterthought.

Every control is sleek and pleasant to touch, and every operation as comfortable as possible. Even the infotainment is effortless and intuitive. After all, when you have controls that say “Roll-Royce Bespoke Audio” who is to complain…

What lives under the hood of this beauty is no joke, boasting a 6.6 liter 48-valve V-12 aluminum-alloy engine with 593 horsepower and 605 lb.-ft. of torque. Needless to say, the Rolls-Royce Dawn can certainly get up and run. 

Base Price: $356,500; when you include the Black Badge package it adds $50,000, plus many other add-on packages, bringing the total suggested retail price to a staggering $477,550. Despite its hefty price tag, if you have the means, I highly recommend the 2020 Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge—it is nearly impossible to disappoint. You will be buying into the lap of luxury, complete exclusivity, and most certainly brand identity.

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