21 Questions with Fran Hauser

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Fran Hauser has a way with words – and she’s written two books, a self-care journal, and spoken at more than 200 Fortune 500 organizations to prove it. Supported by her 15-year media background leading powerhouse brands, Hauser has long been a vocal champion of women in the workplace. Her debut book, The Myth of the Nice Girl, was named “Best Business Book of the Year, 2018” by Audible. Its successor, Embrace the Work, Love Your Career, is the go-to guide for women’s affinity groups nationwide, followed by Reflect & Reset, a joy-filled journal for living with intention. Hauser’s most recent endeavor, Bookbound, coaches aspiring female non-fiction authors, a natural segue for her as both an author and a longtime investor in female-founded companies (she’s helped fund more than 30). Currently on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Bedford Central Schools, Hauser is also an advisor to and LiveGirl. How does she do it all? Simply by being herself. @fran_hauser 

  1. What’s your guilty pleasure? Binge-watching cheesy TV shows while enjoying Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (I have to stop buying that ice cream!). 

  2. What do you eat for breakfast? Yogurt, strawberries, Purely Elizabeth Grain-free Granola, and my first coffee of the day. 

  3. Biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Leaving the corner office to start my own business.

  4. What was your first car? 1970-something baby blue Fiat with no power steering. Cute car, but I’m surprised I’m still alive.

  5. Current favorite song? Flowers by Miley Cyrus. 

  6. What item of yours was your biggest splurge?  Hermès Birkin. I’ve had it for over 20 years and now it’s close to impossible to get one. 

  7. What are three things you can’t live without? Family, books, and my iPhone.

  8. Something that always makes you smile? My kids’ smiles.

  9. When do you feel most like yourself? When I’m cuddled up on the couch reading.

  10. One person you’d like to meet, past or present? Reese Witherspoon. She’s a total boss, and I’ve heard she’s really nice – my kind of human.

  11. What’s your favorite board game? I’m not huge into board games, but I love playing casino games!

  12. Do you consider yourself a good dancer? I rate myself a solid B, but I do LOVE to dance. 

  13. What’s an item you’ve kept from childhood? My first earrings. I was born in Southern Italy, and my grandparents bought them for me at a local jewelry shop.

  14. What scares you? That I’m going to somehow let my kids down.  

  15. Favorite spot or thing to do around town? Cocktails and apps at Bedford 234.

  16. What’s your hidden talent? Baking. I make a fantastic pumpkin cheesecake and cream puffs from scratch.

  17. When was a moment that you felt proud of yourself? When The Myth of the Nice Girl was named Business Book of the Year by Audible. Writing a book is such a vulnerable experience, and getting that recognition meant a lot. 

  18. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? An author or a business owner. I ended up being both.

  19. Food: sweet or salty? Sweet! Not a day goes by that I don’t have chocolate.

  20. What’s your favorite childhood cartoon or TV show? General Hospital. I watched it every day after school with my grandmother. 

  21. What’s something you’re trying to get better at? Letting things go and moving forward without holding grudges (I blame the Italian in me!).

“I’ve pivoted several times in my career and have learned along the way that relationships are more important than skills.”

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