24 Hours with Valerie Garmino

Meet the designer who’s elevating Dallas fashion while staying grounded in tradition and craftsmanship

If fashion is instant language, then each item of clothing is vital to our communication with the world. Dallas designer Valerie Garmino, who founded her eponymous and sustainability-focused clothing line a few years ago and has a new collection underway, understands and lives that. She spends her time creating statement designs that feel luxurious and down-to-earth all at once. We caught up with Garmino to find out how she spends 24 hours creating pieces that shape both personal style and the language of fashion.

Walk me through your morning routine. What prepares you for the day?

The first thing I do is hydrate with a glass of water. I love walks with my beloved Yorkshire terrier, Aldo, where I connect with nature. I practice a 15-minute prayer/meditation to set positive intentions. Then I gather the latest fashion magazines, art books, and mood boards in my atelier. I review ongoing projects, make sketches, and prepare for meetings.

What do you wear to get creative as a designer?

Clothes have the power to influence mood and confidence. Wearing something that reflects my creativity boosts my inspiration. I select outfits that represent my personal style and align with my image.

Where do you work from?

I mostly work from my peaceful home studio, which is adorned with natural light, my mannequin, and book collection. I also find inspiration in visits to the Dallas Museum of Art and Fort Worth Japanese Garden. When I need a break, I enjoy a meal or chai latte in a restaurant with lots of natural light.

What are you working on, and how is it different from past collections?

My latest collection, La Vie en Rose, evokes simple pleasures and moments of joy. Prints and quotes were inspired by the importance of kindness and sustainability. The collection I’m currently working on brings me immense joy, as it celebrates heritage, exquisite artistry, and femininity. I immersed myself in traditional craftsmanship of uniquely beautiful garments in Europe and Asia.

How do you wind down after your workday?

Solace and tranquility are essential for recharging and nurturing my well-being. I enjoy taking warm baths with lit candles and dimmed lights. To further relax, I indulge in a good podcast or soothing music.


What can Park Cities residents expect from you this fall?

I'm committed to elevating the art of haute couture. My highly anticipated Lotus collection will captivate Dallas residents with techniques that redefine the boundaries of construction, material manipulation, and embellishments. Stunning garments with precise stitching and detail tell captivating stories, let women radiate confidence, and effortlessly capture emotion and tradition while embodying extraordinary craftsmanship.

"The collection I’m currently working on brings me immense joy, as it celebrates heritage, exquisite artistry, and femininity."

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