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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Weddings don't have to be wasteful! Keep your special day aligned with your eco-friendly values by making choices that won't harm the environment. Not sure where to start? Consider these ideas when planning your wedding.

DIY + Thrifting

Hit up some thrift stores and search for mix-and-match glassware, silverware, vases and other items that can be used for decor throughout the venue. Think outside the box for place cards, table numbers, centerpieces, etc.

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Yes, there are brands that make sustainable wedding attire! Reformation, Lost in Paris and Roland Mouret are just a few labels to check out if wearing an eco-friendly dress is important to you. You can also explore vintage bridal gown boutiques or pre-worn dresses from sources like Still White.

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Go Paperless

Consider eco-friendly confetti options like hole-punched leaves or bits of dried lavender for guests to throw. Instead of paper menus at each place setting, write the evening's menu on a large chalkboard for all to see. Use repurposed materials for the wedding program.

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Choose a venue that's naturally beautiful so you won't have to add much decor. It saves on cost and helps the environment. Romantic gardens, stunning beaches or lush forests are great options.