2022: The Year You Own Your Life

We usually mark the new year with resolutions, but this year we're moving a bit beyond that

Article by Shane & Natalie Plummer

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

When we find ourselves approaching a new year, we often talk about resolutions and changes, usually something about fitness or health, better habits, or finances. 

But nearly two years of a global pandemic have changed the tone of personal goals. Global stress has stretched us in new ways and focused us on some different, yet positive things: People are genuinely reevaluating their lives, questioning the status quo, and even wondering if we should blindly accept the definition of the great American dream imposed on us by others. 

We wanted to address this change in tone on the Boise Bubble Podcast, so we reached out to social media followers to ask what they have learned in the last two years. Dozens of replies confirmed this new theme: the current moment is too important to waste on anything but our highest priorities. Sure, we need to work to support ourselves and our families, but doing so at the expense of ourselves or our tribe isn’t as palatable as it once was. We yearn for community, but a community that wants to define and control? Um, perhaps not this year. 

The name of the game seems to be to pull closer toward you the people and things you truly love now, spend time with your loved ones now, invest in your passions now, remove toxicity from your life now

It has been put into high relief that everything can change in a moment. Will we regret the ways we’re choosing to spend our time? Who’s dreams are we striving to achieve? Are those people helping us realize ours in return? Are we investing in people and passions that are most dear to us? Are we making ourselves and those around us better? If not, then perhaps it’s time to recognize that we have choices. 

More and more frequently we’re seeing people change their life trajectories for the better, choosing careers that mutually benefit each other, strengthening relationships that are precious, loosen their hold on dogma and grudges, and looking inward before judging outwards. 

In short, people are taking possession of their own lives and realizing they have always had that power. There are real ramifications to this kind of ownership, and we as a society will have to change to accommodate it. Hopefully this change will lead to more introspection, to more acceptance of other’s perspectives, and to better overall life satisfaction. 

How will you take ownership of your quality of life this year? 

"the current moment is too important to waste on anything but our highest priorities"

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