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From Lulu Lemon to Christian Louboutin


Article by Chatham & Short Hills Lifestyle

Photography by Chatham & Short Hills Lifestyle

Who are they? The Junior League is a global volunteer women's organization with local chapters in our local communities. One that I am very proud of is the Junior League of Summit New Jersey, with over 270 volunteers, this women's organization is making a difference in our community. They connect women who are committed to volunteering through service and social events and also train and develop women's skills to be effective leaders and improve communities. 

Community History: The Junior League of Summit has a long history of serving the community. They give an average of $15K to local High School seniors and $50K in grants to local nonprofit organizations in the area each year. For the past 4 years, JLS signature program, GRACE, , has been donating fresh and shelf stable food and other essentials to those in need.  During our state lock down, GRACE went from serving roughly 85 households to over 511 in April!

Also impacted by Covid 19, their local thrift store, which is how they help fund their programs, was mandatorily closed. The solution: they turned on to virtual shopping via Facebook with themes twice a week and even offered a virtual personal shopper program! 

Fun fact, I recently learned that their local thrift shop is the oldest retail establishment in the area, set up in 1930 and has been around for over 90 years! 

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What can you find? Although you can find mens’, children’s and women's seasonal clothing, toys, house wares and more, it's a treasure hunt for luxury and trending items too! From French designer Christian Louboutin iconic red sole shoes and fitness gear from Lulu Lemon! If you are up for a virtual treasure hunt, call or visit their Facebook page @JLSThriftShop. Check out their monthly themes to complement the seasons and trending events. Resilient to Covid 19, they have reinvented the thrift shop experience!

Spring Cleaning during Covid 19: And if your Spring cleaning turned into Summer cleaning and you have things to donate, you can make and appointment to do a drive by drop off in the back for Thursdays between 10am and 2pm Until the Shop opens with regular shopping hours.  

Let's go thrift store shopping for a great cause...virtually! ;)

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