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360 Pet Medical

Offering Unique Services in the Gallatin Valley for our Beloved Companions

360 Pet Medical, located at 338 Gallatin Park Drive, has been serving pet owners of Bozeman for 14 years now. Itis one of the only veterinary practices in the state of Montana to offer rehab for dogs. Christine Kenyon, DVM, is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT), in addition to being one of the owners.

“We offer everything from laser therapy to an underwater treadmill,” said practice manager Beth Kringlie. The treadmill helps by decreasing weight bearing through the joints, which aids in pain reduction, and water resistance helps to strengthen all four limbs. Other rehab services include orthopedic supportive devices, which can be made onsite or ordered from trusted vendors. “Dr. Kenyon is the only DVM who is also CCRT in Gallatin County, and the benefits of rehab are really incredible,” Beth said. “It decreases recovery time, helps with pain, and also increases strength.”

360 Pet Medical also provides alternative Eastern therapies such as acupuncture and animal chiropractic care. Whereas conventional veterinary medicine focuses on relieving symptoms, methods such as acupuncture are more about identifying and eliminating the cause of the condition. Pets with issues such as disc disease, arthritis, spinal conditions, or even allergies can benefit from this method of treatment.

Beth states that, for the most part, 360 Pet Medical focuses on small domestic pets such as cats and dogs, although they do see the occasional bunny, and sometimes even a sheep. In fact, Dr. Kenyon used to treat the wolves at Howlers Inn. “The reason for our name is that we do the whole 360 degrees from birth to geriatric,” Beth explained. “We can do everything from dental care to complex surgery.” She also stresses the importance of pet health insurance, as veterinary care can be expensive. “It’s best to get it when your pet is young before they develop pre-existing conditions which wouldn’t be covered,” she explained.

360 Pet Medical is also very involved with the community, sponsoring events for the women’s shelter, Haven, and the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. The practice also provides free veterinary services for all police dogs in the community and all search and rescue dogs. “They take care of us, so we take care of them. It’s one of the many things that makes 360 Pet Medical so unique.”