Taking on the Family Jewelry Legacy

Since 1885 the knowledge and business passed down from one generation to the next

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Allie has always loved jewelry. 

Her parents recall her emerging from her bedroom dressed in as much costume jewelry as she could find when she was a kid. This early passion proved a boon as Allie took on the family jewelry legacy, making her the fifth generation to do so. 

Now after three years of planning and construction, Allie and her family have opened a new showroom in Meridian: Copper Canary Fine Jewelry Boutique. 

“It’s been a long journey to open this showroom, but we’re proud to call the Treasure Valley home and bring Copper Canary to the community,” Allie said. 

A Family Legacy

While Copper Canary is new to Meridian, Allie and her family are not new to the jewelry market.

The family business originated in Chicago in 1885 with Allie’s great, great-grandfather, Isaac, who offered services as a neighborhood jeweler. Through generations, with the knowledge and business passed down from one generation to the next, is where we meet Perry, Allie’s father, who started in the industry in the 1970s. 

Allie has a double bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and Business, along with a foundation in diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). But her initial introduction to the jewelry world came from her father. Under her father's wing she learned to appreciate the craft behind individual pieces, and has been apprenticing for 10 years. This combination of hands-on training and formal skills development inspired her to take over the family business. 

Her son is already showing an interest in gems and jewelry as well. According to Allie, Nash, 5, is on his way to becoming a sixth-generation jeweler. 

“He was a great baby to have in the shop... wrapped around me napping while I helped our customers,” she said. “He is continuing his jewelry training with his ‘Papa’ (Perry), learning to use the microscope and jeweler’s loupe. (He’s) excellent at sorting gemstones by shades of color. In a few years, he will attend GIA’s GemKids camp.”

Antique Elegance Meets Modern Influence

Copper Canary’s collections primarily consist of custom designs and antique pieces (which the family sources from across the United States and Europe). They also offer jewelry repair for modern and vintage pieces.

“I have experience working for larger brands and have seen firsthand that a name brand doesn’t always mean that you’re getting top quality,” Allie said. “At Copper Canary, we work with our in-house, veteran goldsmith and European partners to ensure that each piece has unmatched quality. When we find something that accentuates someone’s style and personal preferences, it is a really special moment.”

Allie often works with clients to craft new pieces from antique jewelry, like turning heirloom lingerie and bar pins into more wearable pieces, such as  earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

“Restoring, repairing, and reimagining antique jewelry is an elegant form of upcycling,” she said. “There’s no better way to honor a diamond than to pass it down for generations as a wearable and desired piece. There is an added layer of sentimentality when the piece is passed down from a prior generation and we can reimagine it to fit the style for the new owner.”

As a personal example, Allie mentioned that her own engagement ring uses the diamond that her father gifted to her mother, but is now reset into an original 1920’s Art Deco setting. 

Allie said she enjoys working with clients to craft custom pieces. One of her favorite projects was a bespoke creation.

“After my client’s mother had passed, she noticed that butterflies landed on her all the time,” she said. “We worked together and custom-designed a necklace with a diamond-studded, solid gold butterfly so she could always keep the memory of her mother close.”

Art Deco-Inspired Boutique

Copper Canary’s new Meridian location blends Art Deco design with modern touches.

“As we had the opportunity to create the space from the bare bones of the building, I knew we wanted to design the showroom in a thoughtful way that would complement the jewelry inside,” Allie said. “(We) took great care to make sure that all elements within the building are elegant, eye-catching, and welcoming. There are a lot of decades that influenced the layout and design, and I think you can really feel that as you walk around the showroom.”

The store has a centerpiece bridal bar dedicated to engagement pieces. On display are collections of pieces spanning 250 years of jewelry eras, such as Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. Also featured is a custom locket bar, one of Allie favorite services, where customers can choose from an array of colorful gemstones to create a unique piece.

Among the antique and reimagined pieces, Copper Canary also carries accessories like handbags, wallets, and hats. The designs come from partners that ethically source their materials.

Visitors can also take advantage of the coffee bar and refreshments as they explore what Coppery Canary has to offer.

To find out more about Copper Canary Fine Jewelry Boutique and the unique specialities that the family store offers, you can visit, or visit the new location at 2590 N. Eagle Road, Meridian.

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