4 Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart

These dogs need a safe place to call home. Read each profile to find the perfect match for you!

Wet noses, wagging tails and warm cuddles. These are just a few treats you’ll receive when bringing a dog into your home. In return, there are dogs in our world who need a cozy home, a gentle touch and loving humans. The Fayette Humane Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that has made it their mission to bridge the gap between dogs and humans, essentially, bringing best friends together. They have shared four of their sweet pups with us, each one carrying a unique story. Foster parents were interviewed for each dog’s profile, a big thank you to foster parents for offering a safe transitional home for these animals. 



2-3 years old

What is Riley’s story?

Riley was surrendered by her previous owner, no fault of her own. 

What are Riley’s favorite hobbies?

Belly rubs and car rides. She is also the best movie buddy. For Riley, it is all about being with her humans.

Who does Riley get along with best?

Riley is a very loyal girl. She does great with kids, meeting new friends and dogs her size.

What type of family would be the best match for Riley?

Riley is very dependent on her human and misses them when they’re away. She would be an ideal companion for someone who can devote a lot of time at home, cuddling Riley.

How is Riley unique? 

Riley is a beautiful dog. Her looks, markings and soft coat make her stand out from the crowd. For a Saint Bernard, she is on the small side, and she drools/sheds much less than you would expect. She has fantastic manners and will kindly alert you when she needs water, food or to use the restroom.



Black Staffordshire Terrier Mix

2 years old

What is Westley’s story?

Westley came to us from a small shelter. Fayette Humane Society pulled Westley on euthanasia day, saving his life. 

What are Westley's favorite hobbies?

Going for long walks! Saying "hi" to new people and new smells make him happy. If you sit down expect him to come snuggle up next to you.

Who does Westley get along with best?

Westley meets many new human friends on our walks. His belief in life is that humans have two hands and they should be using both to give him attention. He is intrigued by other dogs, but a slow introduction is best. He gets a little over-excited. 

What type of family would be the best match for Westley?

An experienced and active owner who loves to go for adventures outside. A family who wants a snuggle buddy.

How is Westley unique?

His smile. Westley has a big meaty head, the sweetest smile and a happy wagging tail whenever you look his way.


Yellow Lab

3 years old

What is Buck’s story?

Buck was found as a stray. His owners could no longer care for him, so they surrendered him to the Humane Society.

What are Buck’s favorite hobbies?

Buck is a great swimmer! He also likes to go for rides and walks.

Who does Buck get along with best?

Buck gets along with other dogs and does great meeting new humans.

What type of family would be the best match for Buck?

A companion to take him on adventures. Someone active who has a fenced yard, and maybe a friend for him to play with. Buck can be high energy at times, so he would be best in a home without small children. 

How is Buck unique?

He’s very smart! He knows his commands and knows how to sit, heel, lay down, and find his bed.


Long-haired Dachshund/Cavalier Spaniel Mix

2-3 years old

How did Bentley come into your care?

Bentley was one of 36 dogs saved from a property. She was dumped at a construction site and was days away from giving birth when we brought her to safety. Her babies have since been adopted, and now it’s Bentley’s turn.

What are Bentley's favorite hobbies?

She adores all food! She also likes to be your shadow, playing with other dogs and going for a strut around the neighborhood. If you see her walking around Lake Peachtree, please say hi!

Who does Bentley get along with best? 

Bentley gets along fantastically with dogs and cats. She does take a minute to warm up to humans.

What type of family would be the best match for Bentley?

A home with a dog friend, dogs help her understand that her new humans are good. Bentley was on her own for a long time, she needs a family that will give her space and time to trust and flourish. She would enjoy a fenced yard to explore, and she likes older kids.

How is Bentley unique? 

Bentley loves to show off around town and gets all the attention with her beautiful looks, small size, and perfect leash skills.

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