4 Tips for Small Space Gardening

When Choosing Plants for Small Spaces, You Can Add Lots of Interest Without Taking Up Too Much Space

1. Look Up

A vining Clematis on a trellis offers showy flowers and will fit any trellis size. Skinny shrubs like ‘White Pillar’ Rose of Sharon or ‘Skywalker’ Boxwood can add privacy and ornamental value without stealing precious square footage.

2. Add Containers

Flowering mixed containers can liven up any space. Many fruits, herbs, and veggies excel in containers. When choosing a container, make sure it is sized appropriately for the plants and that it complements your home exterior.

3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Repetition allows the eyes to rest, bringing tranquility to the garden.

4. Relax

After all your hard work designing and planting, make sure you have a spot to relax and enjoy your garden view.

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