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IV therapy may be just what you need to hydrate and boost your health

When you’re in need of a way to hydrate and obtain some much-needed nutrients, IV therapy is often a great option. While many associate IVs with hospital visits, IV infusions that are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and are meant to be preventative treatments have grown in popularity over the years. In fact, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S.

IV infusion therapy is when a medical professional utilizes an IV to deliver a specific mix of vitamins, minerals, and saline to help the patient hydrate and obtain specific health goals.

“In general, IV infusions can be an excellent way for people to maintain hydration and obtain nutrient-rich therapy,” explains Kristina Mattson, FNP-C, a nurse practitioner at Sapphire Health & Wellness. “While we do not think that IV therapy should take the place of a healthy diet, it can help patients prevent illness and assist in recovering post-illness or post-workout. Many of our patients schedule regular IV therapy to maintain their immune system, or to help with constipation, malnutrition related to IBS or frequent diarrhea, fatigue, migraines, and hangovers…Hydration is also key to maintaining youthful skin.”

Mattson adds that, in general, IV treatment therapy can help with energy, immunity, prevent constipation and dry skin, recover muscles after a long workout, recover after illness or COVID-19, and reduce symptoms related to migraines.

Those seeking an IV therapy treatment should go to a reputable medical facility and make sure that the procedure, while minor, is handled and overseen by a licensed medical professional. Most practices that offer IV therapy treatments offer them with specific mixtures of vitamins, minerals, and saline to accomplish targeted health goals. For example, at Sapphire Health & Wellness, IV infusions come in four price categories ranging from $90 to $200 and, in addition to saline, offer varying mixes of ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, magnesium sulfate, and many more.

“Patients should know what they are wanting to accomplish with IV treatment so that the provider can help to identify the best infusion package for their concerns,” Mattson adds.  

Mattson also notes that while it’s a medical procedure and should be done in a safe, professional environment, IV infusions are traditionally low risk.

“Getting an IV infusion at our office is fairly risk-free since a provider is ensuring that the infusion and all of its ingredients are safe for the patient,” she explains. “There is always a risk of skin infection post-IV treatment, however our staff always use aseptic technique and educates patients on post-care. Allergic reactions are rare but can happen any time a patient should have a medication and our providers and office staff are well equipped to handle any reaction that could occur. Should patients have any problems after they leave, our on-call provider is available 24/7.”

Another perk to utilizing an office like Sapphire Health & Wellness for IV therapy is that they offer a lot of additional add-ons to the treatment, and you can potentially be seen for other medical needs while there.

“All IVs are done in-office. The benefit of coming in-office for an infusion is that one of our providers will meet with you and make sure that the infusion that you choose is not only going to help you, but is safe for you,” Mattson says. “We offer additives that many tradition mobile IV companies do not offer because we are able to have a provider sign off on the safety of your medication. Essentially, they are prescribing you an IV, like they would a medication. Because of this, we do require a full medical history to be performed during your consultation with one of our nurse practitioners.”

Once someone decides that IV treatment is right for them, what is the experience like? While each office is different, Mattson shares what to expect at her practice. “The main goal of our office is to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible,” she explains. “Patients will be taken into our infusion room where they will be the only patient, giving complete privacy. A consult with one of the nurse practitioners will ensure that patient’s IV is safe. The nurse practitioner will insert an IV catheter into the patient’s arm. For patients who are afraid of needles or the pain, we do offer numbing creams, allow patients to lie down, or play music to distract.”

“IV infusion is relatively safe; however, it is advised that patients eat a light snack prior to their infusion to prevent nausea or lightheadedness,” she continues. “Once the IV is placed, the infusion will begin. All infusions take about an hour to run. During this time, patients are in a peaceful, calming infusion room where they can rest or do as they choose.”

Mattson adds that couples or friends can buddy up and receive their infusion treatments together, too.

IV therapy is only one of many treatments to be found at Sapphire Health & Wellness, which is a primary care office, offering women’s health, men’s health, teen health, sexual health, STD testing, sick visits, and weight loss assistance, among other offerings.

Scheduling for IV therapy at Sapphire Health & Wellness is separate of their traditional practice and can be done at visibook.com/sapphirehealthaz or by calling 480-219-7810.

Learn more about Sapphire Health & Wellness at sapphirehealthaz.com or follow them on Instagram @sapphirehealthaz.

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