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Survival of the Fittest


Article by Lindsey Bryant

Photography by Lindsey Bryant

"Being 5' 3" it was hard for me being small in a lot of ways, and that set me off in the fitness world. There's a certain amount of passion you have for something that keeps you 'in place' in times of struggles."
- Zack Henson

This obscure time in our world history dealing with a pandemic has thrown a wrench in our "norms." We have had to adapt to a whole new way of living. More time isolating from the population has shed light on the importance of taking care of our personal mental health. Equally as imperative are the ways we are nourishing and strengthening our bodies to fight off sickness. The benefits of working out in any capacity can have full body and mind benefits. Quarantine is forcing some of us to take notice of how we may have been neglecting ourselves in our pre-pandemic life. On the other side of the fitness coin are the elite athletes who had to adapt training schedules to gym closures.

It got me curious about how the fit are surviving.

How does our mindset affect our lifestyle?

What we think affects every minute aspect of our daily lives. Mindset creates the foundation for how our entire lifestyle is structured. Habitual practices dig in to mold the subconscious mind until what we are continually doing becomes an effortless transmission of our frequency into the environments around us. Whether good or bad, we are in a constant state of adding to or subtracting from the energetic dynamic of the world.

"Every man by his mere living is radiating either sympathy, sorrow, morbidness, cynicism, or happiness and hope or any one of a hundred other qualities. Life is a state of radiation and absorption. To exist is to radiate: to exist is to be the recipient of radiation." -David O. McKay

Powerlifter & Life Coach

Zack Henson is a Boise-based powerlifter and life coach who frequents The Mecca Gym in Meridian. This beautiful space consists of all the equipment that powerlifters and Olympic lifters need to be successful in training. Fellow gym members offered encouraging support during Zack's heavy reps. The atmosphere among the lifters was what sealed my love for The Mecca Gym in my one visit. The close proximity to I-84 makes The Mecca Gym a convenient commute whether you are coming from Nampa, Meridian or Boise.

Zack Henson is one of those powerhouse human beings whose energy unapologetically demands space. Our height difference is 9 inches, with Zack at 5' 3" and I am 6' tall. His energy has such a substantial amount of momentum that I never notice the height difference in person. He is one of the most present people I have ever met. Whether he's struggling or living his best life, he consistently chooses to be fully present with the people around him. 

If I could describe Zack in only one word, it would be hungry. He pursues growth in every aspect of his life with an emphasis on challenging other men to reach their full potential with his brand, The Khaos Kreed. He's on a trajectory of growth that lovingly calls others to rise up to his or her full potential. He's a leader by example.

Before I interviewed Zack, I was able to watch part of his heavy deadlifts. His final set was 405 pounds, 5 reps, and he is 148 pounds. It was incredible to see what the driven mind can push the body to do. I encourage you to check out Zack's journey and get in touch with him if you are interested in help with your personal growth journey.

To listen to the audio interview with Zack outside of The Mecca Gym, you can click on the image of Zack and me, below. You can also check out A Fresh Perspective Podcast on Anchor or Spotify. (Click on "Anchor" or "Spotify" to access the episode on those platforms. No app download necessary to listen on Anchor.)

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