48-Hour Six Pack, Anyone?

Elite Body Sculpture’s AirSculpt Gives Men Much-Needed Summer Boost

With the world slowly regaining its sense of normalcy, millions of men are emerging from their homes, ready to hit the beach and enjoy summer to its fullest. Yet, at the same time, many are also realizing just how much the last few months affected their bodies.

Sticking to a diet and exercise routine is hard enough in regular times — throw in an extended period of lockdown, and maintaining that rigid discipline becomes nearly impossible.

Even with a consistent workout routine and clean eating, some areas of diet-resistant fat can still pose significant problems. Elite Body Sculpture professionals say they know just how difficult it is to lose stubborn fat. "We've helped countless men actively working toward their body goals but still struggling with trouble areas, over the finish line. No matter how confident or successful you may be, having a persistent double chin or belly overhang will take a heavy toll on anyone’s self-esteem. To that end, AirSculpt was designed to transform patients immediately while avoiding the harsh hallmarks of traditional treatments like liposuction," says Elite Body Sculpture Founder and CEO Dr. Aaron Rollins.

After witnessing the damage these antiquated treatments inflicted, Aaron sought a way to sculpt patients dramatically while avoiding abrasive tools, such as needles and scalpels. Liposuction uses a blunt tool moving in a cheese grater-like motion to scrape fat cells from the body, with minimal finesse, if any.

"Our patented technology, by contrast, gives surgeons a degree of precision and control unparalleled in the body contouring world. AirSculpt removes unwanted fat cells with a tool so fine that we only require an incision the size of a No. 2 lead (the lead, not the pencil). For men reluctant to hit the beach due to a nagging "Dad Bod" or "Beer Belly," 48-Hour Six Pack can provide just what they are looking for," Aaron explains. 

Avoiding the use of risky general anesthesia, he says AirSculpt removes the fat hiding patients' abs, waists, and obliques while they're wide awake. Using local, rather than general anesthesia allows their surgeons to maneuver their patients as deemed necessary during treatment, enabling them to delicately sculpt the exact results men expect, 360 degrees around the body.

"A mere two days after receiving AirSculpt, you'll be relishing life with a newly sculpted stomach, hence the name 48-Hour Six Pack," he adds.

Patients can return to work or hit the beach with that coveted six-pack as soon as two days afterward, with the only sign left behind being a freckle-sized scar, Aaron says.

Beyond the abdominal area, he says men commonly receive AirSculpt for help eliminating double chins. The submental area is a prime region for fat buildup, and as most people believe having a crisp, sharp jawline can make or break one's entire complexion. "Unfortunately, due to genetics, some men are born with extra chin fat, while others lose their defined and youthful-looking jawline as they age," Aaron says.

AirSculpt contours a chiseled chin, permanently refining and bringing balance to the face. "Our surgeons create tiny entryways under the chin and behind the ears, meaning they remain out of sight and leave no sign of a procedure. Because the face has such a substantial impact on a man's overall look, AirSculpt often leaves patients looking 10 pounds lighter," states Aaron.

He says the procedure only takes just 20 minutes, and simultaneously helps tighten skin.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, Aaron says the gift of AirSculpt can be a seamless solution to bridge the gap between where a body is and where someone wants it to be.

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