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Q&A with Dr. Barton Foutz

Dr. Barton Foutz is the oldest of 10 children born in Japan, while his father served in the Air Force as a dentist. He moved with his parents at the age of two back to Las Vegas and grew up here. He attended Chaparral High school and learned much about work and dentistry from his dentist, father, and hardworking mother. After an undergraduate stint at BYU and an LDS mission served back in Japan, he graduated from the University of Pacific dental school. By this time, he had met and married his companion and wife of 37 years, JoAnne. After a 1-year General Practice residency at the Salt Lake City VA, they moved back to Las Vegas. Over the next 13 years, they welcomed three little girls and two little boys into their family as they built up their dental practice together. They now enjoy the addition of three sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and eight grandchildren. We asked this family man and local dentist about child dental visits and more.

Tell us about your practice

Foutz Family Dentistry is a caring family-friendly general dental practice with a caring touch and a listening ear offering a wide variety of restorative, regenerative, and esthetics services.

We are dedicated to giving optimal patient care in a compassionate, attentive, comfortable, and safe environment. In that environment, patients, doctor, and staff will fully consider all treatment, choices, and options pursuant to our patient’s overall health, desires, and satisfaction. Our highest compliment is the referral of another from a happy patient.

What services do you provide?

A full range of restorative dental options, including fillings, crowns, bridges, implant crowns, and removable denture prosthesis. Orthodontic straightening (Invisalign) is also offered for teens and adults. As necessary, surgical extractions and implant placement are also performed. Cosmetic procedures such as veneers, cosmetic bonding, and composite fillings are available as needed. Extra-oral cosmetic and therapeutic procedures are accomplished using state-of-the-art materials such as Botox, Xeomin, Juvederm, Voluma, Versa, and PDO threads. Viora IPL and radiofrequency treatments are also available.

What age is best to start seeing children?

We recommend that a child be seen for at least a visual exam by the age of two.

Why is it important for children to get regular dental exams?

As children grow and develop in so many ways, it is important for the dental professional to see them twice a year. This is important to find and treat decay and help with dental hygiene. We also need to evaluate for spacing and growth issues so intervention orthodontically or orthopedically can be recommended as needed.

Do you recommend a dental exam before going back to school?

Getting an exam before returning to school may be a convenient date for parents to remember to have this important service done. The most important principle is regular, consistent dental care from a trained dental professional. If it works best just before the school year starts, then by all means, please schedule it as such. Other regular intervals work just as well from a health maintenance standpoint.

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"The most important aspect of your child's first dental visit is that your child feels comfortable and has a good experience."

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